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  1. Read lots of forum talk about fishing citations for OS. But no one has yet described the citable offense. Perhaps because there isn't one.

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  2. Targeting wildlife, regardless of method (yarn, rock, etc.), is considered harassment of wildlife. This has always been my understanding. Practice casting is one thing, but targeting steelhead regardless of what's on the end of your line is another. Just my interpretation.
  3. Does that include cameras?

    "Targeting Steelhead" ? The burden of proof is on the court. :)
    Throwing rocks at sighted steelhead is harassment. Casting a HOOKLESS line into a broad expanse of water is...well...stupid, but hardly illegal.
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  4. Completely agree _WW_, but it's good to know the law. I've been confronted for "harassing eagles" while riding my bike so it wouldn't surprise me if somewhere someone has been hit with the camera ticket.
  5. If you are just practice casting do you still need to have a current license?
  6. If your in water,I would,just to keep compliance....intention and targeting are getting sorely confused, if we abide,hopefully the dude will reward!!
  7. I just spoke once again with Sgt. Phillips this morning. He called me to check in and see if our plans had changed, and asked how many folks might show up Saturday. He even gave me the name of a reporter at the Herald that he has worked with in the past to help us try and get some media coverage. I really don't think WDFW Enforcement has a problem with our activity. And I'm pretty sure we have credible science behind us that can prove faux fishing is even less harmful than C&R fishing.

    Let's all concentrate on having a good time meeting each other, being photogenic, and trying to act intelligent if we happen to get interviewed...:)

    I'm excited!
    Now where did I put those bumper stickers?
  8. One look at my casting and any law enforcement will see that I'm no threat to any fish
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  9. It was freakin' awesome. Pictures to follow.

    Thanks to everyone that showed up. What a day!
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  10. Yes! Thanks everyone! I've never seen so many cameras!


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