Occupy Skagit Today

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    An awesome statement!


    photo: Sozinho Imagery

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    These guys needed just a little more water.

    photo: Sozinho Imagery Occupy_Skagit-006.jpg
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    Here are a few more.

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    Was very impressed!!! Nice talking and meeting all of you!!!

    Big thanks to all who organized it...I dropped off a sticker for the guy up in the Rockport store...
  8. Jason Rolfe

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    I had a lot of fun today.

    Great to meet a few of you--glad Bob was able to break into his truck!

    Also fun to watch some of the casting--being new to the spey rod, it was great to watch and learn.

    Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this together--See you in Olympia!

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    Wish I could have been there!!! Great show.....