Occupy Skagit

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  1. I'm in aswell
  2. That is great banner material!!!
  3. My only question then, is this going to be a protest or some sort of speyclave get together?
  4. This statement should go on a T-shirt.

    I'm in. I'll help in any way I can; however, it seems the only attention we may draw is from enforcement rather than biologists or policy makers.
  5. Both......?
  6. If there is enough of us, it will be known thru out WDFW.
  7. Why settle? How much does the Skagit mean to everyone? What are we willing to do to make it right? How are our voices going to be heard in the loudest most efficient non violent manner possible? Are we trying to send a message to wdfw or not? IF we are gonna protest, lets protest, and do it right.
  8. Right on.... I have an order for three T-shirts so far.

    I can certainly bring the BBQs. I'll bet Mike would be in and I'm sure the usual B'ham suspects would roll.
  9. I guess we could what if until we don't do anything.............................I am a fisherman and I plan on going fishing next April. You comin' or not?
  10. From the results I've had in recent years,I'm begining to think I've been doing a one man occupy event the last few winters
  11. Seems too much too soon for the wdfw location. Lets rally the troops at the occupy Skagit, and then from their go onto wdfw to protest "louder" at a later date.
  12. I think it's about time to refresh this thread and start the ball rolling.
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  13. Good idea. I was looking at this thread yesterday wondering if it was getting close to the time. I am on the water every chance I get from now until the river closes. After she closes I plan on staying on the river. I have decided the best thing I can do for the Skagit is to spend as much time as I can on her. Fuck the feds and WDFW.
  14. So its 4/20/13 - Good

    Thanks Gentlemen
  15. I would wait until 2014 incase the 2013 run meets escapement. That kind of ammo would really penetrate the general public in case the media did cover it. It would also give you time to gather enough troops to draw the kind of attention you would need. Start a website, research it, make shirts or whatever. Get the media involved and you could ruffle some feathers.

    Everybody bitched for years about the netting on the Nooksack but when a few local sportfisherman got the medias attention with a little planned effort, the feds were out the day after the story ran in the Seattle Times and the Lummi fisheries mgmt got turned ass over tea kettle.
  16. strength in numbers! We need a good showing. A good organized effort, big signs, press releases etc etc.
  17. YOu'll have the river to yourself. Lots of fish, and if you get a ticket, oh well. :)
  18. 4 months is plenty of time to get people out, start now and do it neat year too.
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  19. I won't break the law but I plan on spending some time on the water this spring. I will be taking pictures of runs and posting them on the site to keep the Skagit fresh in people's minds. Hopefully when people see shots of classic Skagit steelhead runs in the prime of the year they will be reminded that we should be fishing. The Skagit and Sauk are amoung the most beautiful rivers in Washington in the springtime.
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  20. If folks are not wed to the 20th of April I have something to consider.

    I see the Wildlife Commission is meeting on April 12 and 13th in Olympia. If we truly want to raise the plight of the Skagit and its steelhead (as well as the rest of Puget sound) I'm suggesting that a significant showing at the Commission as meeting well as testimony during the periods that testimony is take might be chance to be a real postive force on behalf of the resource as well as our interests.

    Depedning on the Commission agenda and when the periods for open testimony are folks could either meet on the river the weekend before and attend the commission the following weekend or if things align correctly do the river on Saturday and the commission on Sunday.

    It would be powerful if we had T-shirts made for the day on the river and then had a packed house at the Commission all decked out in those same T-shirts. Couple that with coordinated testimony we would have a chance of getting our thoughts/concerns in front of those that can make a difference. Of course I for see the need for some strategy planning meetings at some watering hole. Just meeting and spending time with some of the folks here would be of value just in itself.

    Anyway just thinking out loud here.

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