Occupy Skagit

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  1. Occupy Skagit is six days away.

    There are three ways to get involved.

    1. Show up in Rockport at The Howard Miller Steelhead Park the morning of April 6th and join us in some faux fishing/wade-in.

    2. Show up the following weekend in Olympia at the Commissioner's meeting and voice/show your support.

    3. Send an email to us with your name and hometown and we'll carry them to Olympia for you. cr_skagit@yahoo.com

    Occupy Skagit 04/06/13​
    Catch and Release is Not a Crime!​
  2. Here we go folks!

    Leland. signs.JPG
  3. Is Howard Miller Steelhead park open for Camping ? I haven't been able to get a hold of any park staff to make Reservations .
  4. It should be. But then why would anyone be there if there's no season!

  5. Yes...it's open. Call and leave a message and Rusty will call you back.
  6. Howard Miller is always open.
  7. Here's a little of what we're missing:

    "A Glorious Last Day of April" by Dec Hogan

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