of the stripping kind

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. that's fine kirk but be advised you are 2nd on the back up list.
  2. I changed my mind...I'm going supersized. You'll just have to wait to see what it is.
  3. I'll have a double whopper w/cheese, coke and can I get onion rings with that?
  4. i've got 6 of them tied up now
  5. o.k. mine are done now....just saying
  6. After finishing up with the other swap, got my pattern figured out.
    Don't have a name for it but going with a Spun Deer Hair Dace.
    Looks pretty tasty, but need to keep working on the deer hair spinning. It's been awhile.
    I should have mine finished up by the upcoming weekend.
  7. Mine are ready to go.

  8. steeli and nailbender i'll PM you my addy
  9. I am working on mine. Been kinda crazy lately.
  10. There is nothing crazy in skidro woolley
  11. Same here, too busy lately but think can finish up this weekend.
  12. Mailed mine tuesday the 24th
  13. nailbenders llama's came in today.nice work
  14. Sweet, I always worry they will lose them. The USPS hates me!
  15. 3 weeks to go. hopefully everyone is cranking out some good shit
  16. Working on it. Should have them done and ready to mail by Friday. Mike, send me the address please.
  17. 2 left, should be done tomorrow.
  18. Flies mailed today
  19. thank you kind sir
  20. I got the last of my material today so I will maybe start thinking about tying some flies in a week or so.


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