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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. ron mcneal's nicely done zoo cougars are in
  2. big e's and steeli's came in yesterday. nicely tied
  3. kirk singleton's and riseform's are now in. just jeff and jakes to go
  4. Went out today. sent it out UPS so you you should get it Tuesday. Nothing like last waiting tell the last minute. :beathead:
  5. i got jakes today and hopefully will have jeff's tommorrow
  6. still waiting on jeff's flies
  7. Shows it was delivered today. Sorry it's late.
  8. yep they were on the counter when i got home. they are divied up and will be sent out tommorrow
  9. the flies are out and will post pics tonight
  10. Man, talk about fast, got mine today. Great bunch of flies, thanks to one and all.
  11. Got mine as well. These are going to be great for LMBs this spring. Thanks everyone and thanks for hosting Mike.
  12. Great, great looking batch of big flies. Thanks to everyone!
    Look forward to trying them out this year.
  13. got mint today, it was like Xmas morning!
    thanks guys, esp. Mike for hosting!!!!!
  14. Got mine also, very nice flies. Thanks to Mike and everybody.
  15. glad they showed up and i hope everyone enjoys them
  16. Received mine as well. Thank you Mike for hosting another great streamer swap. Thank you all for the exceptional flies. Very nice work!
  17. I know some fish that are in trouble.:rofl:
  18. Thought I'd post this for feedback.

    Yesterday WABOWMAN and I took part in the cleanup and got some fishing in. We chose to float the lower canyon because nobody had taken that section. Wile dropping off the shuttle car at Rosa we noticed a very nice fish make a big rise out in the still water. We commented to each other, must have been a big bug to get such a aggressive rise.

    We put in a Lmuma and worked our way down fishing and stopping to collect trash on the way. Got plunty of trash but the fishing wasn't going so well. Just didn't hold our mouth right. Passed what appered to be a guilded boat and that were getting fish. Bass-turds

    Finally picked up a couple of small ones behind a island we stopped at. We spent too much time in the upper part of the float and needed to keep moving. Around Big Pine I switched to a streamer pattern. A Meat whistle(http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/...m/IMG_1289.jpg) tied up by Rob Ast for the streamer swap. (Nice tie Rob). I got one really good tug tug and off. Later a slam and snap. So long to that fly. Then I tried Nailbenders Big bunny.( check out;http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/.../IMG_12901.jpg) Casting toward the shore and striping back I got a number of tugs before hooking up on a good bow. It was funny when the fish first came up we thought it was a big whitie. The white bunny was all over it's face causing the confusion. I was amazed a whitie could/would go after something that big. After that we had to rush for the takeout as we were running late.

    At the take out wile waiting for the shuttle I observed a few of the greatly anticipated skwala adults crawling around. So it's time to get your asses over there. Their out. Their about and the trout are hungry!
  19. real nice jeff

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