Off to Montana for 9 days

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. I'll be at Divide Bridge CG on the Big Hole and will have the camp set up Gierachian style, i.e. stylin... If you're in that neck of the woods feel free to say "hi" and have a beer or whatnot. Best time to find me in camp: really early, and after dark!

    If I'm on the water, I'll be the guy in the blue Buck's Southfork (if I'm floating) with a Filson oil cloth hat on. Otherwise, yeah, the guy wading with a Filson oil cloth hat on.

    I plan to float from Divide Bridge to Maiden Rock at least once. This camp will centrally locate me to a lot of good fishing so I'm taking 6 rods, 8 spools, my pontoon boat and my 12' aluminum with 8 hp Merc in case I get the urge to hit bigger water, eg, Clark Canyon Reservoir.

    I'm leaving as soon as I get home from work - woohoo off early, finished my shiz!
  2. Nice! Be safe....have fun!
  3. enjoy Jim. looking forward to the trip report.
  4. Have a blast, should be awesome weather. I can only offer two words of advice... purple haze... size #16 parachute ;).
  5. I'll be passing by on my way to Billings Sunday. Not sure I'll have time to stray but you never know.
    I have some great memories getting my son, at an early age, into fish casting to the opposite bank
    from where you'll be camping. (25 years ago)
    Have a great time!
  6. Maybe I'll swing by his camp site and leave him a note with my cell phone number on it. He's about 35 miles from Dillon. Who knows maybe we'll hook up. I never leave home before noon and I never drive at night in Montana if I can help it. Just to many four legged creatures out at night on the roads. They can sure wreck a car driving fast.
  7. I'm in St Regis, about to watch out for four legged trip enders on my way to Divide Bridge.

    If you wanna hook up let me know. I'll be passing through Dillon at least one day as I take my 12' boat up to Clark Canyon Reservoir and maybe try the Red Rock above it.
  8. The Red Rock what. The Red Rock river or the lakes. Both hard to get on due to lots of private property. But I believe you can get on the lower river at a few spots. I haven't tried them as I was usually headed up stream to water with fish in it.
  9. In addition to the Purple Haze, you might want to pick up some Purple Batman Nymphs in 14 and 16. Just sayin.
  10. What's with all the purple flies all of a sudden. You don't want to use a red zebra nymph because all you will catch are Whitefish. Every time I put one on that was all I ever caught. I quit using that one.
  11. You educated all of the trout with your red flies so we had to switch to purple.:)
  12. Just got back from a week in the Missoula area and it was quite warm. However, the weather is about to break so temps should be much better for you this week. Good luck.
  13. Jim, If you get some extra time and a wild hair you might want to check out Georgetown Lake.

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