Official Christmas Party info

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by MacRowdy, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. So what is the official info on the Christmas party.
    Place (address)

  2. Oh my hell, So doesn't anyone know the official information?
  3. ya who's in the 14th @3 pm
  4. works for me. How about directions to your place?
  5. 7520 beverly bl. everett 98203 check it out .the first round is on me. hey jbrodie whats up are you still around?
  6. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    I just tried to pull up the web site and it comes back not available. What's with that.

  7. I am in unless it dumps snow. Then I am going skiing. I need my fix.
  8. I'm there. I have a function to attend later that night but will be there.
  9. Yes I am still around. I have been busy moving my dad up here to Marysville on short notice. I'll skip the long story but have had little time for anything else. I look forward to seeing you guys on the 14th. :BIGSMILE
  10. OK, as I understand it, the party is at Miked's bar, 7520 Beverly Blvd in Everett on Saturday, Dec. 14 starting at 3:00 pm and is pot-luck.

    Miked, does your bar have a name? The Office, The Library, The Troubled Possum, Alibi Lounge, He Ain't Here, Green Frog, The Goose?

  11. its called rockos fireside and a potluck would be great. i like the troubled possum i got to keep that in mind. thanks bart :THUMBSUP
  12. Count me in...

    For us old farts that need things said twice, it's the 14th @ 3:00 in the afternoon, right?


    Vincit Omina Veritas
  13. Fireside?

    Dark red brick place...? Hell, back when I used to, I'd get drunk and play pool there...long time ago...!


    Vincit Omina Veritas
  14. I'm there.
  15. Count me in...

    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Your memory must be as long as that other part of your body. :TONGUE

  16. Count me in...

    yes sir the 14th @ 300pm
  17. Alright fellas, It sounds like a few of us will be there.

    Thanks for the clarification on time and place etc... Should be a blast. Don't know what I will bring yet but it should be tasty! Not sure if we will have enough funds to get Chris his present before the Christmas Party so we will have to play that by ear. Thanks for all of the support so far fellas.

  18. I don't know guys. I'm still a little leery about this whole Christmas party thing. My mother warned me about going to meet people that I met on the internet. How do I know this whole website isn't just an elaborate set-up by some pervert (no offense Chris) to draw me in and then get me to go meet him in some seedy bar (no offense Miked)? You can't be too cautious these days. I'll be the guy in the corner, hat pulled down low, checking out the scene until I determine it's safe. :WINK


    "If I don't catch them today, I'll catch them another day." Art Flick
  19. Damn it, he figured out our plan! :DEVIL
  20. do i need to get an underage permit? :DUNNO

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