Okay, honestly, how hard is it to build up a rod?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Josh, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Easy. My first (and only to this date) was a Sage 590LL. No fancy wraps but it came out looking really nice. I could lend you the book "How to build a graphite fly rod" or something like that. Lemme know if you want to use the book.
  2. There are a lot of resources on the net. Starting with a kit is a good idea. But, to be honest once you start it is addicting.

    My advice is to re-wrap a rod you don't use a whole lot. Strip the guides off. Re-wrap, and finish it. It will give you some good practice. When you are done you can fish it, if you screw it up no big deal. After you are done with the first one it will get alot easier.
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  3. Just checked and H&H has a Batson 6 wt. switch kit for about 166$
    Not sure what you want to spend but you might look at Bob Meiser's blanks.
    I built an 11067sh that I really like. I think the blank was about 155$ a couple
    of years ago. I bought the blank (comes with sock) and guides 30$? from him and
    bought a Batson grip w/seat @40$, tube around 20$, and knurled winding check
    about 5$ from H&H. All said I've got great rod for around 250$. If you are thinking
    that route call Bob and discuss your needs. Great guy to talk to and probably would
    save you from doing it twice. I also went with a 424 gr. SGS Scandit line from him which
    works well and could also save you from doing the "line thing" 2 or 3 times which seems all
    too common in this world of spey. As far as building pretty much as others say and time
    and patience. On guide wrapping remember nothing is permanent until you apply finish, I
    always end up doing one or two a couple of times until I'm satisfied. On finish make sure you
    follow directions to the tee, mix well, room temp, dust/lint inthe air, etc. One other tip
    I often cut surgical tubing into mini rubber bands to temporarily hold my guides while wrapping.
    You also would probably want a cork reamer, I'll also use various sizes of rattail files on a
    cordless drill at times. Other tools can go from simple to expensive. I have a Renzetti rod lathe
    for turning cork,wrapping etc. and an old bbq rotisserie motor and homemade stands for
    turning finish.As they say YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  4. I agree on this one. I have some broken/scrap blanks that I'll experiment on. You can practice wrapping, writing if desired, and get an idea how the finish reacts, working time etc.
  5. Thanks for all the advice everyone.

    I'll post here if/when I get started on the project!
  6. Josh, I have two of the flex coat videos. I really don't need either and would willing to give you one if your ever in the Tacoma Area.
  7. I would check out utmostenterprises.com. They are out of sequim and are a batson ,PAC Bay dealers. They can help you with all the stuff you would need. They have a lot of close out blanks and components. They have some blanks that you could build and have around $50 in a complete useable rod.
    If you need more info or help feel free to give me a call. I have built more than 30 rods.
  8. You can do it via the web, plenty of vid's to help out. My first build was a spinning "kit" it was cheap and I knew it was a learning curve. The cosmetic "deficiencies" make the rod unique.

    Built Dad a 5wt on a Gatti blank for Christmas last year. Holy crap what a stick!

    Please get yourself a motor to turn it, it will make it easier for sure.

  9. I read your thread about the kits could you tell me what shop you are referring to thanks!
  10. PM sent
  11. I'll second the recommendation for rodbuilding .org ,there is a ton of imfo in their library and the forum is a serious treasure trove of knowlege. Rod building is as easy as you want it to be. I started w/ a cardboard box and a fly tying bobbin. A kit is probably the easiest way to go at least you know youll have everything. If your epoxy turns out really globbed up and lumpy you can always sand it down and add another coat.

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