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  1. they are a reel good buy, bought one today at sportco for 60$ it has a stainless steel shaft, star drag that is way easy to fish with, got the 5/6 model, bought it off bill herzog to. way better than my 100$ loomis that got ripped off. I know saltwater fisherman swear to okuma spinning reels in other parts of the country, looking for a decent fly reel for around 50$ this is your best bet, worn thru alot of them, this one will last. Ben :pROFESSOR
  2. i don't know what kind of Okuma do you mean
    but I used large arbor Okuma reel with terrible teflon disk drag and I wouldn't recommend it to any serious fishing
    Redington rulez forever! :)
  3. I have 2 Okuma Sierra reels, and I like them alot. Note though, they are undersized for my fishing needs, as I like to have 100 yards of backing on my reels, and my 7/8 with 100 yards of Micron has a tough time with my Airflo multitip with its floating head. My 4/5 has a similar tough time with 100 yards of 4 wt floating line.

    So be aware, you may want to upsize the Okuma Sierra you get, other wise they are great reels for the money.

  4. its a magnitude ml 5/6, its got stainless steel ball bearing and main shaft and is way better than my loomis that was supposed to be gods gift to fly reels, what was told to me when I bought it at the time. I have a redington red start 7/8 and an old florida 7/8. the redington costs about the same price as the okuma but the okuma is a way better reel I think. just how it feels for my type of fishing, tough reel for some abuse but my friend broke the redington rod drunk in my boat and they sent me a brand new rod in a week and half so theres nuthin bad about them. but for the 150 $ range old florida rules, got the same drag as abel, I think. Ben
  5. rob it carries 100 yards of 20lb backing, its a magnitude ml, I was looking at all the fly reels and it seemed the best quality for the money, not paying over 200$ for a fly reel because its all in the drag, heck you dont even need a drag really around hear except rivers maybe. last year
    I fished all season with a no drag reel on my 5/6, . Ben
  6. the frickin box says one backing capacity and the web site says another, gonna be pissed.
  7. The sierra is not one of the wide spool reels but one of the normal fly reels. I am glad to hear that the newer reels have better capacities.
  8. Just curious, what Loomis reel did you have that you thought was no good. I have a couple of their syncrotec reels and think they are great reels. I have a Okuma 4-5 sierra that I bought for my son and I think it is a nice reel for the money but not even in the class of the Loomis reels I have.

  9. it was a GL adventure, this okuma magnitude is a way tougher reel and I like the drag system better. Ben
  10. Hey all,
    Ya'll think an Okuma reel 'd hold up against the heavy duty anadromous fishing that I do?
    I'd sure like to find an affordable reel with inexpensive spools so I can start investing money into experimenting with the varios flylines.
  11. I wouldn't worry about Okuma reels with steelhead and salmon. I used to land them on $19.95 Martins with click drags.

  12. i have tow of them i have a sera 10/11 and i put it on my 8wt it has good balance and 300yd of 30ld dacron backing it is one of the best price reels for the mont i also have a 5/6 magnitud on a cheep 6 wt and it also holds 100-130 yards of 20lb backing i have made a multi head system line for it and have not hade eney trublt but the joint comeng out the gides . i bought both reals at spotco was about 100$ i did want the one with the starbut the at lats and not the first time out of what i want i by there member ship and what do i get i get to setel for what thay have not for what i want after selecting the setel for reels they did not even have the extra spools for them and they said it would be 2 monthst be for the got in there order well they caled me last week and there in . it was three monthe latter thay also have good poles too
  13. I just bought the Orvis Rocky Mountain large arbor reel for my 5 weight rod. It's $80 w/ $15 spools(cassettes). I've only used it once so far, performed very well. :COOK
  14. hey, Ben,

    I have an Okuma Sierra 4/5 on my 3 weight small creek rod. No problems, whatsoever. Great value! The only slight negative is that it reels in almost too easily. There's no reistance at all, which takes a bit of getting used to for me.

    A BIG caution, though, with your magnitude. I believe the "magni" part of the name comes from the fact that it's made with magnesium. An Okuma rep told me that magnesium hates the salt, and I know you fish the salt about 95% of the time. I read on fishusa.com that using it in the saltwater voids the warranty. Just thought I'd better mention it, in case you didn't know already.

    I'm planning on grabbing on for the next rod I build, which will be a GATTI 8'6" trout rod.

    Tight lines, Ben,

  15. he is right the saly will kill it they did tell me that when i was at sportco that is why i bought two reals one for salt and one for fresh i have been told by a few people that the salt will stick to the line and backing and the fish can smell it in fresh water even if you rince very well with fresh water
  16. Looking for a decent inexpensive flyreel. I am in my second season with a Scientific Angler concept series large arbor reel. It is great (for the money). I spent about 60-70 dollars on it, and spare spools are about 25 dollars. It has a great disc drag. I would compare it to the orvis battenkill large arbor (but not as nice). But a lot less money. I have the 5/6 with one spool for floating line and another for an intermediate sinking like for the ol' float tube. No problems yet. The entire reel is made of some sort of poly-something-rather with stainless parts. Salt is not a problem for this reel.
  17. I wonder how bad is magnisuim in the salt water, never mentioned to the person behind the counter I was intending on using it in salt water. switched lines on both spools to, guess I better rethink how bad I want this reel but wont be doing any serouis fishing for at least a month since I lost my outboard to a sea lion atttack on sunday, tight lines Ben :MAD
  18. I use my saltwater rod/reel for both salt and fresh and catch lots in both places. I generally rinse my gear after the saltwater but hasn't affected my hook-ups at all...I don't think!
  19. mag in salt will start to tern in to powder and rapedly tern in toduast and blow away i hope u havent got it to wet = if i was u i would call sportco and bitch they told me about salt and the mag try to tack it back and get there normal real

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