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  1. I believe I read somewhere, not so long ago, that a body could clean (disinfect) boots and waders with vinegar, rather than bleach, with less wear and tear on the gear? Am I in phantasy (OMJ sez fantasy) land?
  2. Or just soap...
  3. white vinegar
  4. Fixed it for you. Learn to spell you old bastard.

    The trouble with old minds is that they can remember what fishing was like 40 years ago. This shit they call fishing now doesn't hold a candle to what it was like 40 years ago.
  5. Jim, I can't remember where I left my speling bok. Heck, sometimes I can't remembert where I left me.

    White Vinegar it is. Thanks fellows. Don't want the little darlings to get sick or somethin.

    Guess maybe I shouldn't crap in the river either....

  6. Oh I don't know, Charlie. This old girl didn't care where she took a sh-t.
    The Westslopes grow big here. This one took my custom moose turd pattern... just downstream a bit from the moose hatch.
    6-13 westslope.JPG
  7. Reminds me of the old-timer saying "Sh**, my memory's gettin' so bad I don't know if I found a rope or lost my horse!"
  8. Hell, I always thought that line ended with "girlfriend," not horse!:confused:
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  9. Yeah, but my mind is so far gone that, a good hour after surfing and changing out of my wetsuit the other day, I glanced down and suddenly noticed that I'd been walking around for the last hour with my fly unzipped.
  10. I took a drive up into the hills today to search for new water. I was up on Bloody Dick Creek. I was surprised as to how much water this little creek has in it. It is still flowing like there is no tomorrow. Found that the upper end has mucho beaver ponds up in there.. Just didn't feel like fishing today. I guess that I wasn't in the mood to put on bug juice today. Next time up there I'm dragging my ATV along.
  12. Amen, and Amen. You do realize that this includes Montana?
  13. Bloody Dick Creek? Sometimes you have to wonder where they come up with creek names. Makes you think that historically something really bad went down there.
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  14. Olive Bugger...this thread has gone awry....to answer your question, you can use vinegar but it must be barrel aged balsamic vinegar to do the job.....PS-the felt soles are very nummy with a little olive oil!
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  15. I started reading this thread and... what was it about again?
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  16. I think it was about cleaning felt -soled wading boots. It made me think about last weekend. I bought a new set of waders and boots and drove down to Mukilteo to try 'em out.

    I snagged a rare parking spot near the beach and opened the tailgate to sit on while I donned the waders. They fit and were cheap, so I was well pleased. I paused while lacing on the boots to examine the felt soles more closely, because I only had rubber boots before and was glad I had a better-gripping sole to prevent embarrassing and painful face-plants at boat ramps, not that that ever actually happened to me.

    So I was sort of running my fingers through the felt when I hear this car honk. Not that friendly reminder beep you hear when you've dozed off at a green light, but an angry honk.

    I look up and a woman in a minivan with a couple of kids is glaring at me. The windows were tinted, but I could feel the glare. I know that glare from elsewhere. Good thing I was wearing polarized sunglasses.

    Maybe she was looking for a parking spot to buy her kids an ice cream cone at Ivar's. Maybe she was thinking I should get my ass to work on a Friday. Maybe she was jealous because nobody had fondled her felt like I was doing with my new boot. No matter.

    I am wise in the ways of women, so I just gave her my patented shrug of the shoulders, which means, "No Habla Hormones".

    Someone beeped at her and she moved on. I got my gear on and crimped my barb when nobody was looking and waded into the sea.

    My wader test worked out fine. No leaks, no blisters, no problem. Also no fish. I blame that on the honk messing up my karma. I went home.

    I hosed off my waders on the driveway when no children were present, and blasted the felt with a high-power spray, to remove any invasive species. Like, say, a salmon or something.

    I mention that to keep on topic.
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  17. Didn't they have flashlights 40 years ago? I know my Dad had a flashlight, but he didn't fish, just made me aim it at the engine while he was fixing the Buick. Can't imagine fishing by candle-light. Squidding, maybe.
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  18. No, No, No you need good lanterns/50000 watt candle light spot light for squid fishing.
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  19. Fifty thousand candles? I'd die of old age before I got 'em all lit. Even with a pack of Bic lighters. And it would be dawn by then. Carpel tunnel syndrome in both thumbs. How would I pull on my waders? Why would I pull on my waders when I probably couldn't tie a knot in my tippet because of the spots in my eyes?

    Jeez, the advice a guy gets here...

  20. Dude, they have those new lighters that stay lit and when you are jigging for squid off a dock, you don't need waders just vermouth (long story) and swisher sweets.
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