Olive wet

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  1. AAA1.jpg
    Hook: #12 lazer sharp
    Thread: brown
    Tail: Olive rooster feather fibers
    Rib: Cooper wire
    Body: Synthetic dubbing, olive
    Wing: Mottled turkey, olive
    Collar: India hen olive
  2. That's amazing. I tie a traditional, quill wing wet fly in a similar design. It works on lakes when the new-age patterns don't.

    I think we under-use the traditional wet patterns -- there's no real reason they would stop working and didn't.
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  3. The india hen almost looks like marabou, which now has me wondering if I could tie a soft hackle with a marabou collar...
  4. Yes you can but I've never found any advantage. It's difficult to tie-in, looks like crap when you do fight it into place and doesn't seem to work any better than a hackle fiber collar.
  5. oh sure crush my hopes and dreams...
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  6. Kcahill...I think, that's a great idea, just maybe is difficult to tie. The India hen is lovely to tie and works great underwater.
    Good luck.
  7. Gene, yes! I have several books with the old wet British patterns that "no one" uses and I really enjoy discovering (Ex.) an "ancient" Scotland wetfly, working fantastic on trout & salmon in Patagonia. Also, are very funny to tie. Simple many times. This olive wet is just something I did without a book. We have some olive caddis here and it works!
    Good fishing.
  8. Beautifully dressed wee wet. I have almost stopped tying winged wets, concentrating instead on wingless wets, spiders and flymphs, Oh my. Most of the streams I fish are what most would consider to be high gradient waters, typical of the North Border country where wingless wets were the fly of choice for many years.

    My eyes do appreciate a well dressed winged wet though.
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  9. im gonna pick up some mottled turkey this weekend in different colors and try a few colors of these. that's a really cool fly and i bet that would catch fish most everywhere i go.
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  10. A one point in the past, Hareline sold pre-cut caddis adult wings. I found if I cut the wings in two parts, they made for a nifty wing for traditional style wet flies. Unfortunately, they no longer sell the pre-cut wings.

    I like the look of the green dyed turkey quill so I'll tie some patterns using that style of wing.

    This pattern has worked well in some situations on stillwaters. The largest trout I've ever caught on Crane (25-inches) was with one of these dudes. One day, it was also the only pattern working at Gold Lake in Oregon. I was the only guy catching fish and of course, no one else had any traditional style wet flies. As a result, I'm sold on traditional style wet flies with quill wings.


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