Oly Pen trip access points.

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  1. Planning a trip to the park at the end of the month. Seems the Elwah is closed. Any tips on good foot access areas for the Bogey, Queets or Hoh?
  2. On the Queets, just drive up the Queet's River Road and after you cross the Salmon, any place you can park will provide access.

    On the Hoh, just drive up the Hoh River Road and when you get to the park it will be signed. Park and fish, but make sure it is legal to do so because the Park regs are different than the sate regs.

    On the Bogey, drive up Unde Road to the end of the road, park, and walk up into the Park.
  3. Hoh is closed in the park. Hiked there two weeks ago. Awesome but no fishing bummed me out.
  4. All of these rivers have good roadside and trail access that is almost totally self explanatory. For Olympic National Park trail and road access, camping and fishing rules and information etc., go to: www.nps.gov/olym/fishregs.htm Also look up the Washington dept. of Natural Resources,( www.dnr.wa.gov/ ), for information on regional campgrounds and access. Our Washington State Parks,( www.parks.wa.gov/ ), also have some opportunities, especially Bogachiele State Park Campground. I will say that most of our water access now has a fee for parking a vehicle, or camping, and they issues a "Discover Pass" for that. each of those rivers you mentioned, and many more, have good trail access along their length. Go discover it!
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