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  1. My wife and I are looking to take a few days off and head to the Oly Pennisula to try our luck in March. Any recommendations for guides? We are looking for a low key, good time. My wife has only been fishing for about 2 years so we would prefer a guide that has some patience and is more into the vibe than catching tons of fish.
  2. I'd check out some of the site sponsors.

    I fished with Jim Kerr last February and had a really great time. He is a fun guy to spend a day on the water with; a total goofball who will make you laugh and help you find some fish.

    Never fished with Bob Triggs myself, but I've met him and I think he is a serious class act.

    I like the style of the guys at Anadromy.com.

    I think between the 3 of those, if you give them a call and tell them what you're looking for, you should be able to figure it out. I'm definitely hoping to fish with at least one of them this winter.

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  3. Jim Kerr would be my first call.
    My next call would be to Joe Willauer, if he's in the area when you are coming.I've met and fished with both and really enjoyed every moment.
    There are many others with great reputations, and many that I've met. I have not fished with many of them.

    If you are going to be on foot, Bob Triggs would get a call from me. I agree that he's a class act too!

    Best to you and your wife for a fun filled trip.
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  4. Bob or Jim are both great choices I was lucky enough to fish with both of them last year. If you fish with Bob make sure to request some of his streamside\oceanside coffee for an afternoon break!
  5. I have to agree with the previous recommendations for Jim and Joe. I have fished with Jim Kerr on several occasions over the last few years and have always had success. One thing for sure, when fishing with Jim you will have fun. He's a blast to fish with. I have also fished with Joe Willauer and Jeff Brazda and have had success and a great experience with them as well. Jeff runs a swell outfit out of the Bogey House and has terrific guides. There are numerous other guides on the OP, but these are the guides I have fished with and can personally vouch for. Good luck, hope you have a great time!
  6. JD Love should be on the list.
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  7. Jim Kerr. Great guy, great guide, great demeanor.

    I've fished with many, many guides over the years, from South America to the Bahamas and all over the American West. Jim Kerr is as good as they come.

    Guiding is a tough gig in many ways. Good guides never make it seem like work, they teach without appearing to do so, and they are patient when warranted and challenge you when need be as well.

    I'd put Jim in the upper 10% of guides I've fished with, with no hesitation. I think his website is www.raincoastguides.com

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  8. I highly recommend Curtis Reed from Waters West (http://waterswest.com/guided-trips/). This summer he guided my brother and me down the Hoh. My brother had only been flyfishing once before and had never been spey fishing. Curtis did a great job of instructing my brother on the basics and we swung most of the day. My brother even landed a nice 3lb. bull on the swing. And I landed a hatchery steelhead. He worked his tail off and demonstrated a deft touch on the oars as we navigated the Oxbow Canyon.

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  9. Yes much agreed on Curtis!
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  10. Mr. Chicken Man, you're gett'n some very good names. If you can match your dates with the calendars of any of the above, you and The Mrs. are going to have a very good trip. Have fun!!
  11. I suppose I'll toss my two cents in as well...you've gotten a lot of solid advice already.

    1. Jim Kerr...quite simply the go-to guy over there. It's kind of unlikely he'll have open days in March, but if he does...take them. www.raincoastguides.com

    2. Gray Struznik (360-640-2400) - Again...probably already full for March, but give him a call and see. Gray has spent his entire life out there and is a great guy that will put you onto fish.

    3. OPST (Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics (206-794-8661)) - Jerry French and gang. Jerry is one of the pioneers of modern day Skagit techniques for steelhead and co-creator of the Intruder style fly. Heard good things about his outfit and you might be able to get an open date in March with him or one of his guys.

    4. Anadromy Fly Fishing (www.anadromy.com) - Just getting going, but have a good reputation and have a solid program. It's possible you might find an opening with them in March.

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