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  1. I have recently moved over the mountains from Missoula to Silverdale and would like to know of some area rivers that can be waded for flyfishing. If anyone is heading through Silverdale on their way fishing I would help pay for gas or even drive. Looking forward to fishing in Washington. :THUMBSUP
  2. ryantom,

    You are close to many great rivers on the Olympic Peninsula such as the Hoh, Sol Duc, Bogachiel, Elwha and on. There is a great Fly shop in Port angelas called "Waters West" ask for Dave-- he could turn you on to some helpful advice-- the guy knows the peninsula. You should consider getting into saltwater fly fishing because where you live there are hundreds of creeks and estuarys and the Sea-Run Cutthroat live there.

    It must have beeen hard to leave Missoula? I really enjoy it over there. I live up in North Sound (Bellingham). I fish the rivers around here like the Nooksack and Skagit they are decent at times but for dry fly fishing I usually head East--

    good luck and welcome to big fish country.

  3. ryantom, if you live in Silverdale you should do some estuary flyfishing for searun cutthroat on Hood Canal: the dewatto river estuary, the union river estuary, Twanoh state park (one creek) and Belfair state park (two creeks) come to mind. I'd also spend some time hanging around the fly shop in downtown Poulsbo to get their ideas as well.

    If you are primarily a trout fisherman then buy a copy of Dave Shorett's Olympic Mountains Fishing Guide (1996, Lakestream Publications). It's loaded with fishing information on streams on the Olympic Peninsula, including several on the Eastern side of the Peninsula within an hour or two of your house. I have used the book and have found it reliable.

    Good luck.
  4. ryantom,
    I am glad you asked that question because I am moving from Missoula to Tacoma/Gig Harbor in a couple weeks... I am here to find the best places to fish in the peninsula.. Good luck!
    Go Griz!


    Eric Cunningham
  5. Thanks for the info I am going to start with the searun cutts in the Hood Canal area will let you know how I do. ryantom
  6. I would suggest two good books: "Fly fishing the olympic peninsula", By Doug Rose, and Washington Flyfishing Guide, By Greg Thomas. Both well researched and thorough. Doug Rose did a great job.He has another book coming out soon, on steelheading out here. And I would agree that Dave Steinbaugh, at Waters West, In Port Angeles, Is really The Local expert on fly fishing the Olympic Peninsula Rivers. He has guided out there many years and has a wealth of knowledge and very accurate local info on conditions etc.
  7. can also hit the NW Angler flyshop in Poulsbo for info and limited gear.

    They have great and fun classes.

  8. your better off fishin saltwater if you just want to go catch a fish after work because we have no big rivers in the area, but migration routes for silvers and residents in june and july cant be beat up north a little in puget sound. and in dyes inlet there I seen a state record cuttie in chico creek and a indian whos friends with my buddy went diving to retrieve his anchors after somebody cut his nets loose there in chico bay and chased a 18 lb chrome steelhead into a cut net and as off last friday he brought to my friend to process for him a load of fresh bright silvers and blackmouth. so you got a underfished and underutilized area right in your back yard. I always thought it was a junk area like many people but that indian says theres more life in there than you would believe. lots of spawning smelt for resident fish to feed on. that might explain that 6 or 7 lb cutt in the culvert.

    saltwater flyfishing in the northwest is a science as well as an art
  9. Rock fish,

    Maybe it's me but that is really unfortunate those native steelhead and coho end up in nets. Many of those small creeks only have a run of 50 fish or less! I have seen many creeks in SPS become fished to extinction! I understand everyone has to make a living but I grew up in South Puget and have seen the degradation. I understand poor management has also been a huge problem--It is no mystery why Sea-Run cutthroat are a catch and release fishery in North and South Sound. They are one of the last Native strongholds to survive the impact of gear fishing(bait and trebles) and residential impact--developement. Sea run Cutthroat share the same spawning habitat as Coho.

    Underfished? commercial or sporty?

  10. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    This isn't about the OP but fishing for sea runs made me think about it. I used to catch sea runs out of this semi small creek that ran into the high teens and some pushing 22". But this was before I went to fly fishing. I haven't been there for a couple of years now and I should go back and fish it. But I haven't seen a caught fish of the same size since I was a spinner fisher man. It seems that all of the bigger fish arn't there any more.Maybe this summer I will try it again.

  11. nevermind, thanks for the small creek input

    :AA :AA :AA
  12. ryantom,

    I think I may have met you at the Novembmer Kitsap Anglers fly fishing meeting?

    If your the person I'm thinking of, My buddy and I sat right in front of you. Let me know if you remember us. We talked about the sea-run cutts that we had been catching.

    I wanted to talk to you before you left and maybe exchange phone numbers for future fishing trips. If your the person I'm thinking of then you work at PSNS shipyard.

    Let me know if my memory is correct.


  13. Rock fish,

    I did not mean anything derogatory, But I miss some of the fine fishing in estuarys and creeks down there for Sea-runs and Steelhead. I have returned to some of my favorite haunts to be disapointed (if you know what I mean). Excuse my bitterness. It is cool you are willing to share information, and I am sure you enjoy fishing the salt as if it was your second home.

    many takes to ya,
  14. Wbugger,

    I also attended the Kitsap Fly Anglers meeting November. I've been a member of the club for two years. I was the guy who won the Reddington reel. Who are you? A real name would be help me place you. :WINK
  15. That was not me at the meeting as I was out of town. I hope to attend to next one in Jan. ryantom
  16. I have been thinking about joining the club also. I will try to get there in January. See ya.
  17. I too am new to the area and also a Montanan. Can anyone pass on information about the Kitsap Anglers Fly Fishing Club? Also, does anyone recomend the Yancy sinktip system. Or can you make a recomendation for what is the best sinktip setup to use for steelheading. :COOK
  18. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    I think it's what your pocket book can afford. I have the Rio Versitip system. It is a line with four tips,intermedite sink,fast sink,and super fast sink,and one floating head. All 15 ft long. I think it is what you think you want. This is my opinion and being that this is early in the morning my head isn't too clear yet and I don't even know why I'm answering this.


    P/S: This is in an 8 wt. You can go lighter but why punish you gear.
  19. The members and guests of Kitsap Fly Anglers meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Island Lake Center in Silverdale, WA. Follow this link and you will find more info on the club:


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