NFR Once Again, the US Govt Wipes Its A$$ With the Constitution.

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    For all of you folks who are enlisted or have been enlisted in the United States Armed Forces, I have a serious and very valid question for you: Remember when you all swore that oath in which you promised to "defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic"? So, yeah, when are you going to make good on that oath?
  2. Which brings up a very interesting set of questions I've been pondering lately.

    All elected officials, members of congress, the pres, vp, judicial & maybe members of the executive branch, take that same oath. So, what, if any, is the penalty for failure to uphold that oath? Dereliction of duty? Impeachment? Criminal charges? Jail time?

    And how is domestic enemy to be defined? I would think anyone attempting to deprive the citizenry of the US of their Constitutional rights, as defined by the Bill of Rights, either by legislation or executive order, surely falls under that category. Furthermore, I think, they should be tried for treason. And if convicted, removed from office, stripped of their pensions, their citizenship, and booted out of the country! That is, after serving time in a federal penitentiary.
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  3. I couldn't agree more. I think We, as a nation, need to follow in Egypt's recent footsteps. I have had ENOUGH!
  4. This bill (HB 347) was actually a very minor clarification to a law that has been on the books since 1971. And the guy that wrote this blog entry has no idea that it pertains to "restricted areas," not protesting in general, and specifically to those carrying deadly weapons or inflicting bodily harm.

    2 rules with regards to -

    Rule #1: Don't go there for news.
    Rule #2: See Rule #1

    Does anybody out here actually think for even a second that if a new idea like this was actually just brought up today, that it'd pass both houses with a grand total of 3 dissenting votes? Seriously?
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  5. Where did you come by this info?
  6. Check the date of the HuffPo "column" (March 2012). You're getting ready to start an insurrection over something that was signed into law back in 2011? So much for information travelling fast on the interwebs. Fortunately, the very thing this nearly 2-year old law allegedly tramples (i.e., the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution) is what protects us from the gov't using it to take away our right to peaceably assemble.
  7. I think this is a bit misleading from huff post but we will see.
  8. One place to start is a super-secret website called "google." You can log in as me if you want once you get there - username: Mountain Man password: flyfish

    This bill was signed well over a year ago. This is actually fairly old news.
  9. Everyone wave to the NSA :D
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  10. I generally disregard ranting blog entries like that. Real news isn't reported in series' of expletives.

    By the way, saying "so when are you going to make good on that oath" to veterans and members of the armed services is pretty frickin' lame. You should apologize to the folks that have and currently are protecting your ass, giving you the ability to freely post dribble on the internet.
  11. Protecting my ass from what, exactly? A government that daily gets our nation deeper and deeper into debt? A government that provides arms to Mexican drug cartels? A government that tortures and imprisons people indefinitely without due process (again thereby wiping its ass with the Constitution)? A government that protects the corporations that are poisoning our food supply?

    I wish someone could and would protect my ass from that.
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  12. As bad as we paint ourselves and our government, it's hard to make a case that we're not better than most countries and peoples around the globe... the numbers of folks coming into vs. leaving pretty much supports that.
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  13. Whatever your thoughts re our government may be, perhaps you should rethink your accusatory stance against our vets and service members.
  14. I thought I did pretty well with holding up to my part... 5 years in the Army. 3 years stationed at Ft. Lewis, one tour to Afghanistan 2010-2011 combat wounded. and a tour to South Korea 2012-2013.

    But if you are so worried about Veterans doing their part. research the Oath keepers.
  15. All I'm saying is that they took an oath to protect the Constitution. Just wondering when that oath is going to be taken seriously. Congress and the current (and past) Administration(s) are doing their best to undermine and outright cancel the Constitution.
  16. I respect and appreciate EVERY Veteran and currently enlisted soldier, their service, their courage, their spilled blood, their tears, etc.

    I just can't help but wonder what you all think when you reflect back on the oath that you took and you see what our country is becoming. Do you not view Congress and the Administration as "enemies of the Constitution"?
  17. if that is the only thing you have researched, "multiple, reliable sources" you have a bit of work to do... chem trails, con trails, drones over the skies of America, fluoride. all of the other edits of the United States Constitution. Syrian rebel funding. operation fast and furious. anyways I could go on and on... but whats the point... I can't take an oath serious it looks like...
  18. Very valid point. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know shit about shit. Chem trails, con trails, conspiracy theories, blah, blah, blah.

    One thing I'm certain of, is that I'm sick of seeing my country go down the shitter. I wonder what US soldiers will do when the executive order comes down to turn their weapons on the American People?

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