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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Stonefish, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Stonefish

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    Does anyone make a one piece blank?
    I know Loomis does, but I'm not sure they sell blanks any longer. I'd want something longer then what they make anyway.
    I'd like to find something in the 9'6" range.
    Any ideas?
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  2. Rob Ast

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  3. sroffe

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    Why a one piece? What is the advantage? Action better?
  4. yes, ferrules create flat spots
  5. mbowers

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    Ferrules also come apart at inopportune times.

    Break a tip on a one piece though and you're rebuilding an entire rod!
  6. Red Arch

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    Not to mention the fact you have to transport a 9'6" rod tube for it...
  7. Stonefish

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    It would only be for local saltwater use, so not difficult if you never intend to break it down. My current 9' 6" 6 wt fits nicely into the back of my rig fully assembled. I could easily hang a one piecer in my garage when not in use.
  8. constructeur

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    Sage, Lamiglas, Winston or St. Croix might be willing to hook you up with a blank (or full build) without cutting the blank as they normally would. I'd just give whomever's action you favor the most a bell, and go from there.
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  9. constructeur

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    Forgot about Burkheimer! They have 6 and 7 wts in 9'5" DAL rods.
  10. mbowers

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    Are you sure they make an one piece rod and then cut it into multiple pieces? I have never heard of that before. Please provide more info.

    I found this blog about how ECHO makes a multi piece rod in multiple pieces and an one piece rod in (obviously) a single piece. There is no cutting a one piece into multiple pieces..
  11. constructeur

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    I don't have a clue, or give a shit how they're made, I was just throwing ideas around, and telling Brian not to be bashful about calling and asking for a one off cause "ya never know."
  12. nailbender

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    I would bet that sage is at least kicking the idea around, since other companies are making them. They all seem to be nine foot saltwater at this point. Lamiglas would be worth a call they have a lot of stuff laying around in the back.

  13. mbowers

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    Maybe Sage is looking at it but it's a very niche market according to ECHO. It looks like the one piece rods are mostly 8'10" because shipping for anything over 9' gets very expensive. I still would love to try one.

    "Who’s going to fish the Prime? I asked a friend who reps in the fly fishing industry, how popular do you think these one piece rods will be? His answer was blunt. No one is going to buy these rods. They’re a dead end. The only people who will buy one-piece rods are a handful of freaky guides who live in a grass hut on the beach and fish 300 days a year."
  14. Stonefish

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    I only fish 125-150 days a year, but a grass hut on the beach and doubling my number of fishing days wouldn't be such a bad thing.....that would be pretty freaky actually ;)

    Thanks for all the replies.
  15. golfman44

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    Some rod ferrules are designed to not close all the way, which alleviates most of the taper issues
  16. Spigot ferrules? They still have an insert so they are thicker than the rest of the blank (flat spot). Rods with tip over butt ferrules are built in pieces on different mandrels. As far as I know the mandrels are the same. If there is a rod you like you could contact the manufacturer about making it one piece. They would need to design a cut sheet for the carbon fiber so it could be rolled on one mandrel. Chances are they won't do it for one blank but if you get enough people together they might.
  17. Alexander

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    Was (still am) looking into one piece blanks myself, I found this info on the stripers online forum.

    Originally Posted by midwestexile

    Does anyone throw with or make one-piece fly rods? What blanks are out there?

    CTS makes a 1pc blank in almost every imaginable length and weight. But getting them into the US is a pain in the arse.

    Rogue makes a 1pc, a 7'9" 8/9/10 and a 10/11/12wt.

    Eddie and Kenny at Biscayne rod have their "Billy Baroo" 1pc. I've asked before and they said the blanks were available.

    There are still quite a few of the old Fisher graphites around too.

    Loomis has no plans on making their Pro1 blanks available for rod builders. And that's fine by me."
  18. Alexander

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  19. Mike Ediger

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    I have used Talon before, they will custom make a blank for you.
    To this day my all-time favorite rod is one of their blanks.
    Great people to work with, and from the state of WA, so you are supporting someone local. Let me know if you need more info.
    Just an idea.....
  20. Stonefish

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    Thanks for the additional info. Much appreciated.