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  1. I'm thinking about getting a spey rod built for me, a 12 to 13 footer in a 7wt. I can get both the Sage ONE and the Sage VXP blanks at a great price and I'm wondering which one I should go for. Take into account I am fairly new to the whole spey game (been learning it on my switch rod- a Redington CPX 1137-4) and am looking for the best 'all-round' option. I know there is no such thing as such a rod, that can do everything, but what I'm mainly wanting to do is Skagit/Scandi, as well as Mid-belly if the rod will allow it.

  2. Either way you go I would go with the 13 footer. Goodluck.
  3. Yeah, I was just on the Farbank site and it looks like it's a 13'6'' or something. I was aiming that direction on either blank, I just have no idea which rod I should go for...
  4. In your neck of the woods, have you considered a tcx blank for your rod? They handle heavy tips for winter work quite well, and can handle most salmon. In the 8 weight variety, switch or spey would be versatile enough, the spey for mid belly lines.
  5. I did think of that, but unfortunately I am only able to get either a ONE or a VXP blank to build upon.
  6. If your looking at a all around Spey Rod for Scandi and Skagit stuff I would get the 12' 6" 7 weight ONE. IMO thats the best length and line size option, especially for a first full length Spey rod. And I know you won't be disappointed with the ONE. I throw the 12' 6" 6 weight and its.....too good.
  7. If it were me I would definitely get the ONE. Since you are already getting a deal on the blank might as we spend the extra coin... you won't regret it in the long run.

    So that part is easy. And I think a 7 is the perfect all around spey rod for the NW too.

    Just leaves length. I have fished the 12' 6" ONE and even caught a couple of fish on it. Super rod, effortlessly throws scandi heads and so light in the hand. If your fishing leans toward scandi conditions this would be my pick.

    But it's hard to argue against a 13'6" 7 as an all round rod. Delta's, heavy skagit heads... there is nothing this rod can't handle.

    I would let your home waters dictate the decision. Medium rivers, go with the 12'6" model. Big rivers like the Skagit/Thompson, get the extra foot.

    Both are excellent rods... you can't go wrong.
  8. The 13'6" 7wt will throw any Skagit/scandi you want and it is really nice with a mid-belly. I like the 7/8 power spey, 7/8 delta and if you can find them the cnd gps 7/8 and the hardy mach 65 8wt.
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