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  1. M30...the quarry, #22 purple, #6 medium and #4 coarse... the items in the box. While they sounded like fishing jargon, they were not. On this fine opening day of early trout season, I was seated in a dentist chair getting a root canal. Timing as they say is everything... unless it's not :).

    Having just had my teeth cleaned/examined and getting a gold star from the dentist/hygienist only a week prior, M30 started speaking to me. A dull tinge at first became a full blown get me a pair of pliers please by Friday 3:08am (I recall the time on the clock still). Fortunately I was able to get in this morning and get the procedure done.

    The sights, sounds and smells of dental work is unique to be sure. A series of excavations, followed by manual drilling and conditioning the root canals, digital x-ray images, finally filling the canals and leaving a temporary cap, and phase 1 is done. Next are making a crown mold and then a final trip to place the crown.

    The lidocaine now just starting to wear off (a miracle drug for sure), I will see how things feel later and whether heading over the pass tomorrow is an option. I convinced myself while staring at the ceiling for nearly two hours that the fishing at Lenice and Nunally was dogged slow and none of you were having any fun.
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  2. I had my first root canal a bit over a year ago. It surprised me as I really try to take good care of my teeth. Although sitting in a dentist's chair is never fun, the procedure was not painful and my dental doc had a ceiling mounted tv and an in-the-mouth mini-cam so I could watch exactly what was being done. That was kinda cool!
  3. It had been since high school since my first one...which (knock on wood) is still holding up almost 40 years later. As you say, no pain involved thanks to the lidocaine. Perhaps most uncomfortable was having the latex sheet (tooth damn) set-up and covering half my face. No overhead camera at my dentist to watch the procedure... not sure I'd really want too.

    About 5% of the US gets a root canal every year... and that number may be growing due to the baby boomers having been raised on diets and drinks not so healthy to today's standards. Today I'm eating, albeit very carefully, over a tooth that, yesterday, I could not run a toothbrush over w/o bringing tears to my eyes. Not seeing any reports on the early trout season opener... what's up?
  4. You youngn's haven't experienced a real root canal like they did 50 years ago...hours in the chair, slow foot pedaled drill, dull big honking probing tools, dentist reeking of morning gin. And that was for the folks that could afford a fancy root canal...normally they'd just pull'em. After which we trudged off to catch what was left of that day's schooling... thigh deep in snow, uphill for miles.
  5. Amen, Krusty . . . the very word "Dentist" stimulated max panic (when my parents could afford to send me to one). Football cured a lot of that; my plastic choppers work well & never ache . . . and school was uphill in both directions as I recall.
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  6. Krusty my dentist, Dr King Schultz, might bring a nostalgic and anesthetic-free tear to your eye.

  7. I was doing a root canal on a patient the day before opening of Lenice-no pain for me! Rick
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  8. Oh..he had anaesthesia alright...for a handy hipflask. Said it was 'mouthwash'...but my old man drank I knew better.

    I always figured he flunked outta concentration camp medical school because he didn't have a cheery enough bedside manner.
  9. I was told that I need one once. To save me the pain I just told him to pull it. I have 6 of my own left the rest are plastic.
  10. Always had my suspicions...

    That\'s the root.jpg
  11. Root Canal? Oh shoot, I misunderstood; you guys are talking about your teeth. I thought it the Root Canal was a new zipper lip spring creek in central WA that was loaded with big fish. I hope everyone's mouth feels good and maybe someone could PM with the location of Root Canal. ;)
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  12. I had two lower wisdom teeth pulled in 1971 and after the 2nd one said I would die with my remaining ones rather than have them removed. The pullings were done by Navy dentists and I don't think there was any shots, except the ones I had when I got back home.

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