Opening Pandora's box on fly reels

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Olive bugger, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Well, the Christmas hysteria is over and black Friday is a dim memory. I have way too much time on my hands but I was considering purchase of a new STEELHEAD FLY REEL FOR MY 8 WT rod.

    Looking for something with a large arbor, good drag system and aluminum/metal parts.

    Trying not to break the bank.

    Got any suggestions?
  2. Cheeky mojo !!
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  3. Okuma Helios, it won't have others patting you on the back but it's a mighty fine reel.
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  4. What is your price range?
  5. Pretty hard to beat Orvis large arbors or similar Allen reels. 'Course over 66 years, my palm has become a finely-tuned drag mechanism. I use an Orvis on my 7-wt for large carp . . . it has held-up well & carp absolutely punish a fly reel. I pretty much view the reel as a line holder/retriever when it comes to my fishing in Montana & Washington. Good luck with your quest.
  6. Sage 1800

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  7. Used Scientific Angler 2 in either a 6/7 or a 7/8. Excellent double caliper drag and one I've used since the 80's. Stops 20 lb range chums with no problems. Just needs the appropriate leader poundage.
  8. Lamson Guru 3. You can find them used at a good price . In fact there is a nice black one in spey pages right now.

    "Only when the last tree has been felled, the last river poisoned and the last fish caught, man will know that he cannot eat money."
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  9. Some nice lamsons are on clearance right now. I'd go that route.
  10. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the big name reels in the $200 range. I have been beating the shit out of my Konic 2.0 for 3 years and it still works and looks great. I can't justify anything fancier.
  11. yah lamson gurus are the business, like thomas said that black one on spey pages is the cats meow
  12. Another vote for lamson, but I'm thinking my next reel will be an Allen.
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  13. Lamsons, Orvis Hydros,Cheeky, Galvan, a couple good Ross'. All good choices.

    Is this for a single or double handed rod? If double, my first choice would be a Hardy Marquis Salmon 2. Its hard to beat the good 'ole click and pawl.
  14. I'll side with Ficklin and Troutdope on this, a lot of us older guys caught a ton of steelhead on click and pawl reels back when there was a ton of steelhead to be caught. I have never quite understood the need for a modern high tech reel costing hundreds$$$$ when we had so much fun on the old ones. It reminds me somehow of a broad with too much makeup or a dude with overpowering after shave.

    I can still hear the scream of that click pawl with a 17# steelie running downstream above Daybreak with a muddler in it's mouth! It's the difference between having sex with a woman that is loud and vocal and obviously enjoying herself and one who bites her lip during the entire process just hoping to get it over with. Which do you prefer?

  15. Thats the best Hardy endorsement ever.
    She screams in heat!
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  16. At my age? The screaming reel, of course . . .
  17. What 8 wt rod do you have?
  18. After reading Ive's review, LOL, I think I should stay with my old Hardy
    Zenith and forget the whole episode. Been awhile since I heard .....never mind.

    My rod is an old Sage 896 RP two piece. The reel is a Hardy Zenith, click and pawl, Screams like a banshee and fits the rod to a T.

    Lots of memories in that combination.

    So maybe I should just shut up and sit down and get on with the fishing program.
  19. RP + Zenith = classic set-up
    I think you answered your own question. Let it scream.
  20. Sage 2200

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