Opening Pandora's box on fly reels

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Olive bugger, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Yeah, if you have an old zenith then you've got nothing to fix.
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  2. Only you can open up a can of worms and after it got some usage you just shut it down. What are you doing, getting cranky because you can't get out and fish. Some people.
  3. Jim, I have always been cranky. It is how I get started in the morning.
  4. Ross CLA 4; Bulletproof and smooth with a great drag if you need it.
  5. You make a great point. Since I have all of he spools for floating, sink tip and two full sinkers and another reel for a shooting head with several heads and a running line, maybe I am over thinking it a bit.

    Perhaps Jim is correct, just go fish.
  6. Pfleuger 1495 1/2.
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  7. +1 on the just go fish. It sounds like it would take several hundred dollars to get a new reel and all the spools to just get back to where you are now. Those dollars would be better spent on a week in Montana or Idaho and the memories of the trip will never wear out and have to be replaced. At 75 I remember the places I have been and things I have done much better than the stuff I have bought. We can keep our memories until our dying breath, our stuff will be bought in an estate sale for about 8 cents on the dollar.

  8. +1 on the Pfleuger( If it is American made), caught many a steelhead and salmon on those ol' war horses.
  9. You made me think about one of my reels that I have. I have an Adventure reel made by GLoomis. I bought it about 20 years ago, give or take a few years.. Memory problems. When I got it it was a Adventure reel it. Has since been had a name change to Venture Reel. Well I went on the internet to see what that reels was selling for now. It used to be simple going on the web to find something. Well it isn't anymore. Shit it sent me to several different sites and I still didn't find what I was looking for.

    But I did find that GLoomis is selling them again. The Adventure one that is. Going price on them is in the $350 bracket. I paid $100 bucks for it when I bought mine. And it was brand new out of the box. Quite a mark up for 20 years of selling reels. But I guess everything goes up after 20 years.
  10. So true Ive. I still remember my trips to BC and that three day float on the Oregon Deschutes.

    Maybe OMJ will invite me over to stay with him and fish all his secret places in Montana. That way, I would not have to pay for hotel and dining. I am sure Jim would like that. :)

    AND, I have been thinking on getting a new vise for tying over the winter. Hmmmmmm.

    Another bucket list item is to fish the St. Joe in Idaho.
  11. I don't have any secret places.
  12. Maybe we could find some, Jim. Big Montana trout and flat water.
  13. Steelhead Tenkara!!!
  14. If you are talking about flat water(lakes). You are going to need a good 4x4 to get to the good ones as they are nestled up in the mountains. I know of two you can drive to with a car, just as long as you have good clearance. Two that take a mountain goat to get to. All loaded with Cutthroat. That like dries.

  15. I have dry flies.
  16. Do you own a goat. Some of these places are rough to get to. I made it up to some with my ATV. A belch fire 4x4 could probably make it up there. But only in the dry season.
  17. My neighbor has two goats. I have no saddle.

  18. You two guys would kill those goats if you tried to ride them.
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  19. Those are called Ukrainian women looking for a new home. If you need help, order one up and I'll give you a tutorial what to look for.
  20. Thanks Ive. I can still remember the moans and gasps of my gorgeous neighbor Barbara R. when we had rough sex in the summer of 1967 on the couch in my apartment in San Francisco while my girlfriend was away at work. Oh wait, we were talking about reels . . .


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