orange crawdad?

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  1. need an orange crawdad pattern? been fishing a east side lake and the crawdads have orange claws and some are all orange. the fish are loaded with them. need ideas on materials,. are claws really necessary? or can i just use a wooly bugger? they have been working some but am always looking for something better. thanks, mike w
  2. I do just as well with a weighted Bitch Creek as I do a realistic looking crawdad pattern. The color of a Bitch Creek is primarily orange.
  3. wrap a hook with orange or brown chenille, weight the eye end, and then just use two orange rabbit strips as the claws (or just one seems to work) on the hook end.

    Also you can tie up a brown, black, or olive bunny leach with a really short tail and hang off 5-6 orange rubber legs off the back if you have them.
  4. been tying lots of stuff that has no name, just big hooks, lots of orange green and black , and lots of rubber legs. if any of it works , names will have to be dreamed up. if they dont work then we will have a good raffle at the next flyclub meeting. thanks for the help. mike w
  5. Mike, I did a burnt orange woolly bugger as a crayfish imitation. It works for me.
  6. Here are a few I've had success with. You can use orange split bucktail or grizzly hackle to make the pinchers. Orange palmered hackle gives the appearance of legs. Coated swiss straw, pheasant or turkey will make a durable shellback.
    As others have mentioned, a orange bugger will work. I also like a marabou leech with orange rubber legs.
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  7. stone, is that a hookeeper or hook guard? do they really work? what did you use? mike w
  8. That is a mono weed guard. I'm not much of a fan of the guards any more, especially if fishing rocky areas.
    Yes they work. I've caught both smallies and trout on them. I've used all three.

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