Orvis 2013 Battenkill Fly Reel

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  1. Posted this on other thread but it is long winded.....but I think Orvis on to something here.... click on to reel and get more info...i think it works?

  2. I like the simplicity.
    I don't like the "Imported" aspect.

    Will the price really equate to under $150USD is the question.
  3. Edit - I posted the price from the Orvis catalog odf the disc drag reel - the click pawl version is not in the catalog.
  4. 98 bones and 45 for spools.
  5. It look's a little weighty. What is the diameter and weight of the reel.
  6. Well for 3.2 ounces at 3 1/4" dia for the 5-7 weights. that's a light reel. nice looks.
  7. Thanks for the price info.

    I'm interested in looking at one or two to check the fit between spool and frame.
  8. Why is that reel on the Orvis UK site but not on the US one?

  9. The reel Chief is talking about is the standard disc drag Battenkill. The new Battenkill click pawl model is listed in the new Feathercraft catalog at $98 and the spools are $59.

    Kent, perhaps these are made in England and they are just filling the home market first. I read initially they they were going to be available on March 25 but when I called and ordered mine they said it would be mid May. Hopefully it arrives earlier than that.

  10. Ya, that is a nice weight. is there a link I would like to see the 3' and smaller.
    • Battenkill I for line weights 1-3, 2.8 oz., 2¾" diameter.
    • Battenkill II for line weights 3-5, 2.9 oz., 3" diameter.
    • Battenkill III for line weights 5-7, 3.2 oz., 3¼" diameter.
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  12. Is that a blued silver finish? Those things look nice. Who even uses their disc drag for trout anyway?
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  13. Well, there are many, many non imported, US made alternatives. If you don't like "imported" products then you have choices, like Abel, Tibor, Hatch, Ross, and Lamson/Waterworks, to name a few... You will also pay more, just the way of the world.

    The referenced reel looks to be a nicely mchined reel for $100 or so, it seems like a value, imported or not.

    I find comments about "overseas" gear almost inevitably has an anti-Asian bias. I have yet to see someone complain about Loop reels (Sweden) or British made Hardy's, or back when STH made reels (Argentina.) I think machinists from Korea have as much skill as anyone else, though if your issue is with low wages and human rights (think PRC) then I'm in agreement. But I see no issues with an Asian made reel, if that's your budget and to your liking.

    To that end, I'm always a little surprised that St. Croix rods don't get more love among fly anglers. US made, nice components and good casting rods. I'd put any of their rods up against similarly priced products from anyone, including imported rods from TFO, Redington and the like.


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  14. You hit it right on the head. Everybody loves the idea of buying American-made products, but they love the low prices of stuff made in Asia, except they hate the idea of the low wages and abuse paid to Asian workers, but they love the idea of the low prices resulting from such low wages.

    Bottom line: you can't have both.

    If you want low prices then the goods you buy will come with Made in China (or Korea or Bangladesh or India) stamped on the bottom. If you want products Made in America, then you're gonna pay more.

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  15. This new version of the Battenkill looks like a winner at a great price point. I like the narrow spool and the preset but adjustable drag. Both of those attributes are found on the Abel Creek. If its anywhere near the weight of the (now old) Battenkill it should be a great match for light weight graphite rods.

  16. Miyawaki -

    What is the story on this?
  17. Leland's out fishing in Idaho, so may not get back right away. I'll be working at the shop tomorrow and see what I can find out about the availability and let you guys know.

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  18. Fishing in Idaho - what is the world coming to? Thanks fly bill!

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