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  1. What does it mean to be an Orvis endorsed shop or guide? Does the shop pay Orvis for the endorsement hoping to increase sales? How do guides get the endorsement? It is a marketing ploy obviously, but does it have any meaning beyond getting to use the Orvis name?
  2. You're welcome to give me a call anytime to discuss the Orvis ELOG (Endorsed Lodges, Outfitter, & Guides) program.

    425 373 641 seven.

  3. answer to question #1 to the guide, it means a nice discount. to the consumer, not much.
    answer to question #2 yes, they pay. alot
    answer to question #3 any guide who can get hired by an endorsed outfitter (shop) lodge, or guide service, regardless of their standards, or the guides qualifications, or lack of, is an endorsed guide. there is no qualification program, only standards listed in the "orvis endorsed guide manual" that may or may not be followed. so, short of doing your research, or having a reccomendation from a close friend, it is a crapshoot, just like with any other guide service out there.
    answer to question #4 - to the consumer, no

    ever notice no other companies in the industry have a guide endorsement program? too hard to monitor.

    just remember the 90/10 rule. as in any profession, 10% will be highly qualified. of the remaining 90, 10% will be complete hacks. most of the time you will find a guide in the middle. no different than with mechanics, doctors, lawyers, or realtors.
  4. Wow! Where do I start? I won't.

  5. Should I start the popcorn popper?
  6. No need to for me.

  7. I tend to avoid anything to do with orvis. In fact last time I booked a trip with my dad there were 2 choices, I went for the non orvis endorsed one.

    Obviously derek has a sterling reputation on the interwebz so I would consider hiring him on the yakima, instead of going with the usual no orvis rule.
  8. I would love to hate on Orvis because I have a personality flaw that hates any organization more successful than myself. Despicable I know, but I'm working through some issues.

    Unfortunately, they make it really damn hard. I thought "oh, just the Seattle store is cool, the others must suck". But, then I went down to Bend for the weekend and those guys were absolutely awesome and the most helpful out of all the shops I visited. Well, there's the sun river fly shop and they probably have the best fly selection anywhere, but I digress.

    Orvis has been around for a long long long loooooong time for a reason. They hire guys who love to fish and love teaching and helping others learn about it too.

    The only thing I'll never forgive them for is that plaid jacket they sell. ;) I'll keep going to Orvis whenever I'm in the neighborhood, just like all the other local shops I enjoy visiting as well.
  9. I mostly think they make the worst rods I've ever cast
  10. Dfl,

    Interesting questions. I guess I've extrapolated and assumed that Orvis endorsed guides and lodges are like Orvis tackle: good quality even if it seems a tad over-priced. This thread makes me realize that I don't know and based my opinion on assumptions, probably formed from receiving the Orvis newsletter with ads that I've made purchases from. I see Hydrological offered a strong negative opinion, but I don't feel like it was substantiated well, so I'm not persuaded by his post.

    Like Jesse I've dropped into a couple Orvis shops while traveling and found them really well stocked with gear for the destination and very good advice for the area. But I haven't fished with an Orvis endorsed guide or stayed at an Orvis endorse lodge, so I can't help ya' on that.

  11. Have you cast the hydros or the helios?
  12. You are clearly not familiar with South Bend's foam-handled "Black Beauty" 8 and half foot 6-7 weight. I happen to own one and would be happy to sell it to you so that your frame of reference is inclusive and balanced.
  13. You're too kind to realtors.
  14. These guys have decided to take the higher road on this one!!!! It should tell you something about the carector if these men(Derek & Leland)!
    I have had the pleasure to meet and spend the day with one of them and was very pleased and understand why so many recemend him for a guide. As far as the Orvis endorsement?
    Have you ever needed to buy something and gone to the store to check it out and see what else was out there?It is very difficult to do that with a guide or destination.Orvis is saying that these guys and gals are up to our standards.We back these guys.Orvis is a very large company with stores all over the world.There are people that come to places like Seattle and Portland from all over the world for biz and dont have the time to go looking for a guide in the phone book when they get here.It is easy for them to call Orvis.
  15. Wow. Someone's a disgruntled former employe or something.
  16. Derek, Leland, you are SO much smarter than I...

    I guess the question I have is "Are you asking about company endorsements in general or specifically Orvis endorsements?". The reason I ask is Cabela's, L.L. Bean and Bass Pro Shops also offer their "endorsements" to certain outfitters and equipment. Could you please clarify your question?
  17. Come on dude.....really? Take your boot out of your mouth on this one
  18. "Definitions of Orvis-Endorsed Operations

    Lodges: An Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge is researched, vetted, and selected by experts who bring their vast expertise in fly fishing and travel
    to choosing the finest lodges worldwide on your behalf; saving you the work, time, and energy you’d spend to find a lodge on your own.

    Guides: Guides may be independent or part of a guide service that provides several guides. Each guide has a high level of expertise on a specific
    watershed and is committed to superior customer service and satisfaction.

    Outfitters: Outfitters offer guides based out of Orvis fly shops, where you can get expert advice and gear appropriate for the local waters.

    Expeditions: Expeditions provide guides, hospitality on trips into some of the most remote and unspoiled wilderness areas of North America, and the highest-quality accommodations a “camp” can offer. The locations may be rustic but the service is “five-star.”"

  19. self identification.
  20. I usually don't respond to these threads due to only fly fishing for three years and not having anything vested in these discussions, but... Orvis as a company has never treated me wrong and always strives to provide stellar customer service whatever the circumstance. As an example, they couldn't send me 3 flies ($4.50) and gave me 20% off anything and then no shipping on my next order. 90% of my gear is Orvis and in my three years into this obsession, nothing has let me down, and if there was the slightest problem they replaced it quick.

    I have had the pleasure of fishing with an endorsed guide up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and not only was he very knowledgeable on fly fishing and his local habitat but he also made sure we had the best experience possible similar to the "Orvis Experience" concerning customer care and their products. I think that being an Orvis endorsed guide means you want to associate your name with what I would regard as highly qualified staff, product and company in general.

    On a side note, Leland is one of the most friendly, knowledgeable, wise and helpful people I have ever met concerning fly-fishing. I have been to several stores over the Pacific NW and others back in my native waters of Michigan and no-one beats his customer service and patience. And on top of that I, in my humble small opinion, consider him an authority for Sea Run Cutthroat fishing and he has always answered my questions with honest and helpful information.

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