Orvis Hydros 3D Bank Shot Fly Line

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by William Wallace, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has any input on this line. Looks like it has similar characteristics as the Ambush? but, I have a hefty Orvis Gift Card and this is looking tempting when I get back to Washington in two weeks.

    I built up a 11'4wt switch off a cheap blank, but loved how it felt and it seems to like right around 220-250gr and this line in a 6wt looks like it fits the bill. Looking to keep it just floating long leaders, no poly leaders or tips of any sort. Looking for T&G, short casts (20-30ft), casting dries (small 10-18's up to hoppers 6's) I have a 8wt Ambush, I could cast it, but to heavy for my liking.

  2. William, I've got the 3D Bank Shot on my 9'6" 6wt SW H2, and it pairs very nicely. It's a great line for turning over large dries at short distances, two-fly indicator set up's at medium and long distances, and when used in concert with the polyleaders or even T-11, even better. Very good on a switch rod too. I recommend it for any of the above uses, and even fishing in the Sound with Leland's popper - it's a great all-arounder on the 6wt.

    I don't, however, recommend it for smaller dries - stick with a power taper or WF.

  3. Thanks Derek!

    If it don't work on it, which I think it will, I have other rods it would work on.


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