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  1. Sorry for creating another beach line thread but I've read dozens of posts on salt lines and couldn't find much info on Orvis lines. Anyone have an opinion on their saltwater lines? I have an outbound short on my 8wt and love it but im just wanting to pursue all avenues before buying a new line for a 6wt. They have so many offerings and reviews are hard to come by...the all arounder seems nice.

    Plus I have a gift card and coupon hah
  2. I have been fishing a 6wt Saltwater All-Rounder on my 6wt Hydros for over two years now. It turns over my popper perfectly. It is perfectly designed to work in our cold Puget Sound waters

  3. I use the Orvis All-Rounder in a 6 weight. I've come to like it very much and it is the only line I use now. Works great with poly leaders. I would like to see Orvis offer it in a 5 weight. It is presently only available 6 through 12.
  4. Thanks for the reply, that was going to be my next question. I throw polys off my scandi head w/ my 2 hander so I was hoping to save some cash and get a floating line and then use the intermediate poly as needed...fishing lelands popper was so damn fun (even tho I missed every hook set) I'm not sure I'll go sub surface anytime soon so I'd prefer this type of setup.

    So it turns over light polys (intermediate/hover) and a popper well?
  5. I use the All Rounder because it handles my flat wings with an Intermdediate Poly leader and I still have the option of changing to a standard leader and fishing Leland's slider which I enjoy doing. Here is what the line's taper looks like if that is a help to you.
    Jack IMG_1634.jpeg
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