Orvis shooting heads?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by totallycustom, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Orvis has shooting heads on sale for $11.00 right now so I ordered an intermediate 8wt for my new rod. I have never cast a shooting head but for 11 bucks I thought I would try it out. If I like it I will add other heads if not I will switch back to regular wf lines.

    Have any of you guys used the orvis shooting heads? Are they any good? What are your preferences for running line?
  2. Mono running lines best with shooting heads. As for Orvis, well if the weight is correct for the rod, to me any shooting head will work. Remember for me I always got a shooting heads 1.5 to 2 times heavier than the rod weight. If I was using it on an 8wt, I would use a 9 on light side but 10 for max casting. Less false casting.
  3. Yes Mr Wallace is right n the money. I use the same setup and works like a charm!
  4. Well I bought the 8 wt head, so we will see how that goes.
    What type of mono are you guys using?
  5. If you've ordered the 8wt head, you should be casting it on your 6wt rod. Many of my friends and customers vouch for the Orvis .029 Shooting Line. You will definitely need a shooting basket, and again, Orvis makes the one all others, manufactured or handmade, emulate. When casting a head, get all of the head out of the rod tip and false as few times as necessary to build line speed, then shoot. Try not to false with a lot of shooting line aerialized.


  6. Leland,

    Therefore is the 10wt head for an 8wt rod?

  7. No. They have to be two line weights over. I believe Rio have heads that are compensated.

  8. Oops sorry. Yes, use a 10wt for the 8wt rod

  9. Whew. I owe you a Partagas.
  10. Ok well I've got a new 6 weight for the head and I will order another one. It would have been nice if that's what the website said though.
  11. rio's outbounds are compensated, but the rio shooting heads are not (rio outbound short 8wt is 330 grains... rio max shooting head 8wt is 225 grains where the 10wt is 300 grains). rio makes an intermediate running line that works great on sinking heads... although i would probably use a floating running line for an intermediate head
  12. Tried to cancel the order today but it had already been pulled for shipping. The guy I talked to at orvis didn't seem to understand the idea of using a head 2 sizes larger. But he was helpful and got me the 10 weight head for the same price. So I will try both out. Still need to find some running line. I have some berkely big game 50 lb mono around somewhere for now, if I can find it.

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