Orvis Wonderline vs. Scientific Anglers GPX

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Half Buck Flies, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. I've been fishing the Orvis Wonderline fly line series for the last three years and was impressed with the ability to lay out line and maintain the product with minimal care. I've been told lately that the Scientific Angler GPX line is a better selection with the same casting charateristics. Anyone had any experience with both lines that can give me some feedback.
  2. Scientific Anglers manufactures the orvis wonder line, so my guess would be that the taper on the GPX and the WF wonderline are the exact same. Orvis supposedly puts their own "wonder" coating on after production, but i dont know how much of a difference that makes. i would go with which ever is least expensive.
  3. I have heard good things about the Orvis wonderline, I was curious where you lived I went to your link and saw that your site is based in Maine?? How is the fishing out there I have always wanted to fish the east coast..

  4. I went through two wonderlines in two months before I just asked for my money back. Maybe they have been improved since then (I got mine when it first came out) but the one I had started flaking apart after being fished just a few times, and the replacement did the same thing. I have seen the same thing on other friends' reels several times with wonderlines. The GPX's seem solid to me; I have one and it does pretty well, right up there with the Rios in my opinion. Never again on Orvis lines for me.
  5. I have heard that wonderline wears out unevenly causing the line to become bumpy. The wonderline is made by SA but orvis puts there own coating on it I am not sure if the taper is the same or not I would double check. But SA makes the best coating on the market but the taper isn't the best.
    Check out the Sage Performance Taper Line. They say it is the best WF taper line on the market. It is SA line and with the SA coating and the Sage cutom taper. I have been using this latley it is awesome. You get the best of both worlds SA coating and Sage taper.
  6. I'm pretty sure SA IMPREGNATES their lines and utilizes micro-pores to allow for migration to the surface... just keep em clean - they'll keep shootin' and floatin'.
  7. I live in the Central Maine Area.. A few miles from the Kennebec River fishery.. Don't pack your rods and head to Maine just yet. We still have a lot of ice on the ponds and the rivers are a bit high. But..it won't be long. You can bet as of April 1st, people are trying to wet a line. The fishing can be pretty exciting.. Some nice hatches on the rivers and unlimited native trout fisheries in the north country.. Lots of beaver bogs and flowages..Thanks for the posting. ;)
  8. SA's taper isn't the best?

    Sorry frog, but have you ever even casted an SA line? The Ultra-3 has got to be the best taper ever. It shoots like rocket-taper and has an incredibly soft landing. I was easily throwing 50' casts into the wind today with a WF5-F Sunrise. Save the money and get the Ultra-3. 444 is nice but not as straight as the Ultra-3. $50 fly lines are honestly for suckers.

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