Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dryflylarry, May 1, 2011.

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  1. I agree as well. However, when was the last time outside of New Years eve you saw dancing in the streets after midnight on a Sunday night. It is significant to our country's emotional well being. Point blank, it's sweet, sweet revenge.
  2. I'd like if someone could explain the significance of this to me. His name is one people haven't even thought of the past several years. Since he's been out of the spotlight, several others have taken his place, and more will step up now that he's been martyred.

    If anything, I think this is going to cause more shit to hit the fan over there, meaning we have a whole lot less to celebrate.
  3. Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of the US Intellegence and Military communities. And as I watch the young kids celebrating outside the White House singing the National Anthem I read
    Unbelievable, well then again...
  4. Then again what? Please, go on.
  5. Oh, you must be mistaken John Dude, that would be FlyFsnFool demanding to see the death certificate for bin Laden!
  6. Easy to explain if you watch the vids of
    ...you know. It hurts, I cried on my way
    to work.
  7. So can we deduce that FlyFishnFool=Donald Trump?
  8. Evan, it is all about leadership. To wage a war against a foe for over a decade and to finally kill that foe's leader, that is significant. Our leader does not hide. Our leader has fixed address that is readily available to anyone who wishes to look it up. Our leader does not hide in a fucking cave. Our leader does not cozy up to other nation's leaders for security. Regardless of who our leader has been for over 230 years our nation has had a leader who is expected to stand on point by the citizens of our nation. Our last two Presidents committed to find this terrorist leader and bring him to justice. It is all about leadership and it has significance to many, maybe not to you.

    There will be repercussions. There will be outrage from his supporters. This brings the pot to a new boiling point.
  9. I can see that viewpoint. Sure, we have vengeance, but at what cost? If this escalates things in a bad way, which if you know much about their culture, it most likely will... Then those that are serving this country will be spread even more thin, and put in even more time over there away from their friends and families. I don't celebrate that for a second.

    I'll celebrate when this shit show is all over.
  10. So I ask, have you served? Have you carried the burden of your country? Have you seen death either via conflict or crime? Have you seen your brothers or sisters who took the oath fall while you pushed on?

    The significance, has as been stated, this is a moral victory for those who are fighting for us and for us. I did mention that we should prepare, because there will be retaliation and yes, this will cause many of the extremest groups to rise and try to claim the top spot. However, to say this isn't significant, one way or the other would be to fool yourself.
  11. THE symbolism of the long chase to get him will also send many others to his cause. I hope that our side goes after the others that are running loose yet and gets them all. My grandson was in the group that had Sadam trapped when they caught him and is now in Afganistan so maybe he has two that he was in on but who evers sons and daughters were in on this, great job and we're proud of all of you. If we hadn't have gotten him it all would just drag on as it seemed to be doing. Yes there will be more hard and dangerous fighting but the more of the leader ship we take out or capture the more the rest of their forces will be loseing the control of the troops and the thinner the leadership becomes for them to rely on. we hope. There has to be more to keep pushing them down. and not letting them bounce back.
  12. I suppose my initial wording was poorly chosen. It is significant, I just don't see a reason to celebrate knowing what's most likely to follow.

    I don't expect my viewpoint to be popular, I just can't feel this joy that everyone else seems to have about it.
  13. Unfortunately, it will never be over!

    Who is the Sheep? Who is the Wolf? Who is the Sheepdog?
  14. [/B]
    Yeah Fool. I'm a Vietnam Veteran. I have two Bronze Stars. Want to see them?
  15. One celebrates a birthday, , births, wedding, graduation or other similar milestone of our own perceived signifigance. Later those celebrations may be found to be short lived as aging, death of a loved one or inability to get a job may sour the theme. Celebrate when you can. Find one thing to rejoice about each day. There are not nearly enough days.
  16. No significance? Lenin was one of the most powerful figures in the soviet union while he was sitting in his coffin. Like it or not symbols matter. And when you're dealing with illiterates whose only education is learning the Koran by rote, in a language they don't even speak, it matters even more. It's a blow to them. A really big blow. Combined with some of the "democratic uprisings" (remember kids democracy doesn't mean freedom!), it sure as hell pulls another stick out of the Jenga pile.
  17. You've met me... You know I never smile :p
  18. I believe you and I thank you! What you saw, I can rest assured was worse than what I have experienced. However, to attack me for my post and pointing out that I am a fool, without knowing me is quite interesting. With that, my comments will only be directed to the event, not to any particular person. I guess vets have varrying opinions as well!
  19. I agree, now bring them home from Afghanistan. Let them bring them bring the fight here again. We should ALL be in this fight, not just the military. Killing this prick is not going to prolong extremism. They have been here since before I was born and will be here after we die.
  20. God bless America! Remember the towers? The Firemen, the family of the remembered? That fuck can burn in hell. The good lord has done his deed. Justice is not served. All those fucks can go to hell. God Bless America and God Bless our troops. USA!
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