Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dryflylarry, May 1, 2011.

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  1. The trade center will rest now that that piece of shit is dead.
  2. Larry, I don't need to see them. When I see you next, the beer will be on me. Time for a Kitsap get together. We can talk about today's events and raise a glass. Ron, you in? Others?
  3. We'll all remember this as the day we ended terrorism along with the war in Iraq!
  4. Thanks!
  5. bin laden was probably a bead fisherman. Im still trying to come up with ways in which the republicans can denounce this act as a poor choice beings as this is what they were trying to accomplish in bush administration. If the democrats in office had something to do with this, im sure its now a negative.

  7. Ed,

    I think I'm gonna put that Fly Rod Test Gathering together. I was hoping you could attend!!
  8. Yes Fool, I have served, three years in the Marine Corps with two Tet offensives in Viet Nam. Mine was the unit in Full Metal Jacket.

    I haven't lost a night's sleep over this one fanatic, and now the sick old bastard is dead. So what? We've still got thousands of enemies all over the world. The government uses the media to manipulate the public by giving you one caricature of an enemy to hate so they can keep on digging us deeper in conflicts.

    You'll have to explain the "moral victory" to me between Americans dancing in the streets over a dead Saudi, and Saudis dancing in the street over dead Americans. I can't fathom it.

    And I just read your reply to Larry. You have your name down here as Fool. We haven't been introduced, or I'd call you Flyfishn. We're old fashioned.
  9. [​IMG]

    I just got emailed this image
  10. To my close friend, FlyFishn Fool: whether these actions taken by the armed forces of the United States had been authorized by George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Regan or Barak Obama, the balls required to first contemplate and then actually authorize this action is impressive. Obama, by the action of his authorization, told the world that America will not acquiesce to attacks on our soil! Thank God for a leader that has the balls to plan and pull this off. F**k Osama and his goat f**ckin buddies. OBAMA GOT OSAMA!!!.

    Ok, I'm done
  11. The significance is that "the face of Terrorism" in the western world is dead. He did not die old and gray playing with his grandchildren. He died in a dark room scared out of his mind looking down the barrel of an M4 carrying green faced death merchant. He was given exactly what he gave to this world. Does his death stop terrorism? No. Does his death make the world safer? Probably not. However his death does show that when the United States of America wants you dead....well, you are dead. His death will achieve in the terrorist community what the destroying of the Twin Towers did to us. It will say to them, You can and will be attacked. you can and will be terrorized. You can and will hurt.
  13. And to all the operators that were on that mission, I give thanks. We will never know your names. You will never share your story, but you are my heros. Every one of you.
  14. iagree
  15. I have supplied a couple of PM's to those who I may have offended. While I seem to have become the brunt of attack in this thread, I can accept that. Perhaps I have stuck both feet in mouth with regards to this topic, perhaps I need to bend over and take a few size 12+ in the arse. The fact of the matter is, we will all never agree on everything in this world and political issues will always be hot topics. That being said, those who have served, those who are serving and those who will serve have my respect and my prayers! While of some of us may have an idea of what others have been through, each front line experience is different and creates different views and opinions. What does not change is the fact that we are all Americans and we all need to be thankful for those who serve. Also, whether we agree with the current administration or not, we need to stick together and remain unified. For those I offended, my apologies, for those who do not understand my thoughts, my apologies and for my lack of literary expression, my apologies. Let's all be thankful, thank those in uniform and then go catch some fish!
  16. First I would like to thank you for your thoughts for those of us who serve.

    This is not the end of terrorism, however having served, deployed, fought and watched my buddies die due to what this man started on 9/11 is very much a moral victory not only to myself but also the men I work with.
  17. I'll be raising a glass tonight to the intelligence community and the special forces! Good job guys!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  18. Amen, Sean. I hope you stay safe so we can fish together again. You know how much I appreciate your service as those before me appreciated mine.
  19. #1 I tip my hat to Seal Team 6. Nice job boys and thank you to our Intelligence agencies who got it right.

    #2 Pakistan can kiss my ass. I think as a token of friendship we should give India 6 brand new stealth bombers.

    #3 I can't stand Obama, but I think his speech last night was excellent and for the first time he sounded like an American President.

    #4 I think we need a new National Holiday called Justice Day to be celebrated May 1st of every year. The Day of with lots of BBQ's and the free flow of bear.

    #5 I think that Seal Team 6 should be given a parade through NYC and at the end the President should publicly pin the Medal of Honor on each.
  20. Actually, May 1 is Justice Day or Law Day in the United States. Just need to start the beer and bbqs.
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