Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

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  2. Oh you don't know the reason for the name Geronimo? It actually was for Osama. Okay, it's a little convoluted, but here goes. Rumor has it that Prescott Bush (shrubs relation) stole Geronimo's skull and took it back to the skull and bones society "tomb". Look it up online! It's the truth!!! So, the intent is to take what's left of Osama's skull and give that to the Skull and Bones society too! You don't think they threw his whole body overboard do you.

    This is actually a conspiracy theory making the rounds... Only slightly less amazing than the idea that if only Geronimo had spent some time with Henry Higgins, he would have been a pacifist like MLK.

    [​IMG]"The Brains on the Plain remain inside the White Man"

    [​IMG]"I think he has it!"
  3. What dict you felt how deep? where? this is the gayest crap I ever saw. some little beotch can come and grammar and spell check that for me now.
  4. Ahh but you see that would be welfare. You stick out your hand and expect others to do the work for you. America prides itself on conservative values; knowledge and a willingness to work hard among others. By asking for welfare as an immigrant you are giving other immigrants who are willing to work hard (and speak English well) a bad name.
  5. I just hope we can use this as an excuse to get the fuck out of afganistan and save ourselves bout two billion a week. Philster, peaceful resistance is the only way we will win our country back from the war profiteers.
  6. TroutTramp and his true colors: QUOTE: This is all hypothetical of course cause I would never slander the king hussien. QUOTE:I tell you what else I am, I am fair and since you think your such a bad ass on line I will give you the opportunity to be one in real life. QUOTE:why when I have little bitches like you to edit for me?
    QUOTE:What dict you felt how deep? where? this is the gayest crap I ever saw. some little beotch can come and grammar and spell check that for me now. QUOTE: I am only left to suppose that in Washington "the state and DC" it is ok to to be racist against Native Americans. That is a logical conclusion.....How? And then the MLK comparison....I still don't know how you twisted that around...even for you, that is hard to get a grasp on it. Any guess what your true colors are?
  7. This whole thread is proof positive that you just can't please everybody no matter what you do.

    I'd stay and chat longer but those that have been watching me are now surrounding my house and asking me to come out with my hands up...
  8. Uh oh! There's one of those black helicopters.....
  9. They'll never take me alive....
  10. I'm using a pair of miniature poodles as a body shield...
  11. More black choppers...
  12. I said black choppers because they are black, not because I am racist...
  13. Here comes the tear gas....
  14. Aaaaagh!
  15. WW, go to work please.
  16. I agree entirely. That was the point of my post. It's the only thing that has worked in the last 30 or so years. Often starting in the literary community, or with Women. That's why I'm pessimistic about it happening in that part of the world. Great tradition of Poetry over there, so there's a little hope.
  17. Sorry, I guess I didn't understand the jist of your statement. I agree with you about women, I've always said that is why that part of the world is so far behind in many respects, half of their brian power is completely supressed.
  18. I get that a lot :rofl: I figure it's my fault but I don't care enough about the internet to really polish my turds. I just drop 'em and move on!
  19. LOL!!!
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