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  1. It seems to me that a lot of fish/angling art is very much designed to look very much like the things it is trying to represent. I'm not good enough to do that, so my art usually looks kind of like the fish it is emulating. No biologist is going to look at my work and say, 'Ah, yes, a fine example of a male from the genus Oncorhynchus Keta in full spawning regalia, most likely from the North Puget Sound blah blah blah." They might go, 'Huh, that looks like a Chum.' And I'm ok with that. In celebration of those of us who like to put fish on paper without being constrained by what those fish actually look like, here are some pictures.

    This one could be a smallie, or whatever. Use your imagination!
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  2. Hey, this might be some crazy tropical fish, or a sunfish of some sort! A Bass? Who knows!? It doesn't even have eyes!

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  3. This is probably a salmon.

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  5. I thought you said you weren't very good. I like all of the above.
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  6. Well, thank you very kindly, sir!
  7. I like all of them, but that salmon really hits home with me. That belongs on someone's wall, as do the others.
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  8. You are very kind, Dave!
  9. Hey, guess who found some old watercolors? THIS GUY.
    Small fish.jpg
  10. 2/3
  11. This one is a squid! Need to learn how to fly-fish for those tasty little market squid. Bet that would garner a few odd looks!
  12. You have an interesting style that I like very much.
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  13. Here are some things that fish eat, thus making them related to fishing, at least in my mind. These were rather fun to do.
    Squid: squed.jpg
    Octopus: doctorpuss.jpg
  14. Also, if anyone else has some stuff they'd like to post, please do so! I'm not doin' this just to toot my own horn!
  15. You may as well go ahead. We started off with a number of folks posting artwork but it has declined and some is much better than none.
  16. Those are so cool good job guys! Those are awesome
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  17. plaegreid,
    Thank for posting your artwork. I like your work particularly the formline salmon.
    Keep it coming.
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  18. Here is a fish head; expect 2 more in the near future.
  19. Really like these. You ever offer any for sale?

  20. Glad to hear you like them! :D

    As far as selling them goes, I've never really given it much thought. My girlfriend would probably love it if I had another revenue stream to feed my angling habit though, so maybe I'll consider it!

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