Otter in Denny Creek

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  1. While I was fishing yesterday something big swam right by me and made me jump. At first I thought it was a king salmon that had turned dark as they sometimes do when spawning, but then I realized that it was an otter.

    The reason I mention this is that there was a discussion on here last week about the Snoqualmie tributaries not being listed as selective gear rules in the 2014 regs. Since there is an otter in the creek, and otters eat fish, then it would seem to me that they should make the stream selective gear rules and possibly catch and release to give the otter the chance to find enough to eat. Or do they just visit streams temporarily and move on?
  2. I've seen otters in the green river as well, right across from green valley meats. And Lake Meridian right next to the boat launch.
  3. That sucks. They get into small creek systems and really wipe out the fish population. I've seen them completely devestate creeks.
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  4. How in the hell would a king get up above the falls. They don't truck salmon up there. If they spawned, the fall would kill the smolts.

  5. I've fished a couple creeks up in that general area that were great one year and terrible the next, perhaps that's the reason why...
  6. When I see something two feet long swimming in a creek that's my initial reaction. At least I didn't think it was a mermaid.
  7. So how would a king get up above the falls??
  8. So how would people be civil and not asses on a forum?
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  9. I hate otters. Not as much as ticks, rattlers and mosquitos, but they are likely next on that list.
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  10. Because it's all fun and games. And because of what you said. You have to relax, this is the internet.
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  11. They just haven't seen SHARKNADO yet.
  12. Was it a otter or beaver?
  13. I'm hoping it is one of the beavers that I've seen on many occasions up in that area, because as said previously, a otter would wipe out the trout population. Please be a beaver.
  14. If it was an otter, would a trapper be allowed to set a trap for it up there?
  15. Good luck with that.

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  16. I had a family swim in front of me while wading at night. About shit myself.
  17. I ain't buying this crap that otters are resposible for wiping out fish. Otters have been in the rivers and streams around here for ions. They didn't get here the other day.

    "River otters are opportunists, eating a wide variety of food items, but mostly fish. River otters usually feed on 4- to 6-inch long, slowly moving fish species, such as carp, mud minnows, stickle backs, and suckers. However, otters actively seek out spawning salmon and will travel far to take advantage of a salmon run."
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  18. Don't be messing around with no otters, just recently there was a lady fishing the Madison River who got attacked by an otter. I guess she tried to pet it and it took off a finger and a chunk of her leg in retreat. They're mean and vicious vermin just like wolves.
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  19. Thought I saw a mermaid once, for a few seconds. Deduced it must have been a red octopus in the shallows. No, not in a creek. Kind of eerie sight in the fog though, next to a skiff cranking 3000 rpm and going nowhere.
  20. I fish this lake that has native cutthroats in it. Now, last year I saw a couple of otters. There didn't seem to be many large cutts. Then, this year, I haven't caught a large one there. I assume that the larger trout are slower than the small trout, so my "big boys" are scarce. Anyone know about this? Do they feed on larger trout? Quite a disappointment.

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