Out for the season...smh

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Nate Buchanan, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Well excited for the pinks to start showing in numbers I was taking a few practice cast in the yard today when long and behold...back cast, load rod, starting forward ca...SNAP!! My ZAXIS 7110 tip is toast!!
  2. That happened to me a couple weeks ago right when I got to the beach. I finished the day with my 9'1 extra stout and went to find a uber cheap backup. I went to the SW in federal way and saw some cheapo okumas for like 60 bucks but ended up with a clearance greys XF2 7wt for a hundred bucks. Love it. I'll send my VT2 in eventually. But I would try to find a close-out niceish rod for a steal in the meantime. You have a lifetime to send the sage back, and right now has got to be their busy seasons for TCBC repairs (that's tips-chopped-by-clouser)
  3. If the tip is short from the 2nd guide to the tip top. I just glue another tip on and good to go. Lost the top 2" off a CT 380-4 on the Yakima two weeks ago and just glued the same tip top back on after a bit of scraping. Works fine. Lost 5" of my 5119-4 TCX and had to get a slightly larger tip top and it is as good as new.


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