Outcast Fish Cat 4 or CA Cumberland ???

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Billy McFly, May 18, 2013.

  1. I like the FC4 weighing in at 14lbs but it's payload is only 250lb. I'm only 190ish so that shouldn't be a big issue.

    The Cumberland is 18lbs with a 350lb payload and its slightly larger.

    That's about all i know about these so I would love some feedback from the board on which you guys like or have experience with......

  2. I bought the Cumberland at Costco in Billings for $149 with fins & shoulder straps. I was in the Spokane store yesterday and
    didn't see them there though. Strange marketing as E. Washington has by far more lakes and Montana more moving water.
    Maybe it would be available on line through them. I haven't used a FC4 but looked at them before buying the Cumberland.
    Your correct, the Cumberland is a bit longer hence the greater capacity and maybe partially the weight. I think most of the weight difference is probably in the seat itself. It's well padded, both back and bottom, and comfortable but personally I would have preferred less weight if I was going to pack it any distance. The stripping apron isn't as high tech as the FC but keeps my line away from my legs which is all I need. The fins are so so, heavier than others that I have, narrower at the heel, and the strap system seems less secure although there's two straps on each fin. I rigged up a simple anchor system to the
    rear for about $10 and bought a small pump at Walmart for under $10 that fits the Boston valves. Overall I'm satisfied with it
    especially at that price point. I have several 8 and 9' pontoons, a pram, a 14' boat, etc. but wanted something I could toss
    in the back of the pickup for smaller waters and kind of miss the float tube days.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks Old406kid - Seems I've missed the Costco deal. I have found the Cumberland for $176 minus the fins. This FT will go in the back of my truck to go to "drive to" lakes. If I want to pack up to the Cascade lakes I'll find a doughnut style tube at a garage sale that's light and something I can use and abuse.

    Do you have any issues with the valve stem placement? I've read that they shift once inflated and this makes it hard to deflate.... Also being inside the storage bags has come up as an issue.

    Thanks for the feedback
  4. I would buy the Outcast as you will never regret it. If you ever have problems, Outcast has about the best service in the industry. With the Classic Accessories stuff, you get what you pay for - maybe. While your experience may vary, the internet is full of complaints about the quality and long-term durability of their stuff. I have sold both brands and I would not want a friend to buy one.
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  5. Thanks Freestone - The only complaint I've read regarding the Fish Cat is that you can't mount accessories to it, specifically a rod holder - Any truth to that. A glue on rod holder wont work for me.

    I appreciate your feedback - just what i was looking for :)
  6. OK - So I found a Fish Cat 4 LCS online for $185 and i pulled the trigger - Should have it mid next week.

    Now I need a pump, fins and a rod holder. I'll probably pickup an anchor as well.

    Open to any and all suggestions :)
  7. Billy-

    Where did you get the FC 4 LCS at? I've been trying out a few different ones and Fish Cat seems to be the winning choice so far. I just sold my pontoon and I need something I can dump in the slough or cottage lake after work. Weight is not a huge thing for me as is the rod holder. I figure I'll just stuff one behind the seat like I see everyone else do. I did see a cool fish finder on a float tube but that is getting me back to a pontoon boat.

  8. Hi Santo - Sportsmanswarehouse.com. With tax and shipping it came up to $225
  9. I use a Super Fat Cat and can take three rods with me if needed without a rod holder. I've been using doing this with the SFC for about 10 years now without any issues. I wanted to eliminate as much strap on stuff as possible.
    I assume the seat on a FC4 is configured just like the SFC. There is a strap that connects from the inside of the tube to the back upper corners of the seat.
    With the rod pointing out the back, I slip the reel under the strap. The reel is now on my hip and the rod is pointing straight out the back of the tube. If I have two spare rods, just slip the next rod in so that second reel is in front of the first one. if you want to be extra safe, you can stuff a towel between the rods and the straps. Believe me, the rods aren't going anywhere. The spare rods are nice and low as well, rather then sticking straight up in the air. This reduces the chances of hitting them with ythe rod or line you are fishing with.
    One other item that I've found very handy is the Outcast cooler bag. It fits perfectly into the open bow of the SFC. Should work on a FC4 as well.
    Hope this helps,
  10. Thanks again Stonefish - I only want to bring a second setup, one a float and the second a full sink but I suppose it wont take long before I want an intermediate sink tip.......
  11. Like Stonefish, I like to keep things simple and just tuck the rods in next to the seat. As for fins, will you be packing it in or driving to lakes? If you will be packing in, Creek Company's or Outcast's Lightweight Fins are light and packable. If you will be driving to lakes, many people love Force Fins or Omega fins but plan on spending $150-$200 for new ones. I have the adjustable Force Fins but prefer my cheaper Water Master Power Flex Fins ($70). I replaced the straps with cam straps and they are easy to get on and never loosen up. I use retaining straps just in case though. For pumps, I'd get one of the smaller Kpumps.

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