Over lining Sage One with bass bug taper

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by saberflare, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I have a Sage one 691-4 and have very little experience with bass fishing. I am looking at the getting the SA bass bug taper as I have found it on sale for $40. My question is should I get the 6wt or 7wt bass bug taper. Will the 7wt be to heavy for the rod? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Modern graphite rods have a much wider grain window than in years past. That rod would have no problem casting a 7 wt line which, btw is only 25 grains heavier then a 6 wt line. Another advantage to over lining, in the case of a bass bug taper, is you can nibble at the tip end a little at a time and still have enough grains to load the rod. Eliminating a foot, or three, of the fine tip will help kick over those wind resistant bugs.
  3. Sweet, thanks for the info. I'll try the 7 wt line.

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  4. I have that same rod. please let me know how your experiment works....At moment i have been fishing it with a 6 wt grand line. i think it could handle a 7 wt line but i don't have one on a spool to try.
  5. also - i noticed your handle says you are in Tokyo. Do you live there? I lived in Japan for a number of years (and fished there a bit too!) and speak japanese. I miss my years there.
  6. Yea I'm stationed in Fussa, Tokyo Japan...not as good fishing as Alaska and the warm water fishing is all new to me
  7. about a year ago, i was putting together a 6wt bass combo as well and was asking the same questions. I went with RIO smallmouth line ( 95% of my bass fishing is in rivers ) and after i talked with RIO i found out the lines are automatically 1.5 times heavier, so in actuality a 6wt line was really a 7.5wt line. It works great on big poppers, deer hair and large streamers. my 2 cents is to check on the actual wt of the lines, just to make sure if you buy a 7wt line, its not closer to an 8 or more, since your stick is a 6wt.
  8. If you're casting for distance at all IMHO you don't want to overline. The Bass Bug taper is already very heavy in the front so to overload the rod will make it good for max 40ft casts and super slow action. I've got a 6 wt RIO Redfish taper (usually a little less front heavy than bass bug) on my 691-4 ONE. The combo is great for accuracy in close and for booming out some long casts when needed..
  9. I have a 790-4 One and have found it to be a poor choice for overlining. While I regularly overline an 8wt NRX or a 6wt S4S, the One doesn't handle the heavier lines as well. It's not as whip fast as the other rods and really suffers with the heavier line. Just my two cents.

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