Paddling a local estuary this Wedn the 17th

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jim Wallace, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Plan to be paddling by 6:30 am. The wind forecast and tide charts tell me that I must return by 1:30 pm or soon thereafter, so I should be back no later than 2pm.
    That means I'll be arriving at my launch site at 6am sharp. High tide isn't until about 8:30 am or so, but the high is a "neap tide" of only 6.2' or so, and its dropping to a relatively higher low of only 2.8' over a period of approx 5 hours.
    The wind forecast looks good enough for this place on Wedn. Its never perfect.
    There is the promise of a decent overcast for most of the morning, too!

    I plan to use the tidal push to aid my journey back into the backwaters. I like to troll a bait fish pattern on the way in, but I still paddle at a good clip.

    After a snack at the top end of my trek, I plan to cast and strip Reversed Spiders and other goodies as I make my way back down, and then troll thru the parts of the lower river channel and estuary where I usually find a few players cruising. I hope to encounter a few decent fish.

    I plan to use the last suck of the ebbing tide to aid my return to my put-in point, hoping to arrive just as it hits low slack. The last hour or so of this sprint is usually done with my line reeled in, and I'm working on my forward stroke and speed, running late on my time table, bucking onshore wind and incoming tide.

    It doesn't have to end that way, but it usually does, and mainly because of those damned Coastal Cutthroat. As low tide approaches and I know that I must leave, they won't let me go! They won't stop biting!:D Somebody is going to have to figure out a way to tell them that this C&R is a two way deal.

    Between now and then, though, I must tie some flies. I've been losing all my good ones, and my box is full of 2nd and 3rd stringers.:eek:
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  2. Looking at the wind forecast, I might put this off until Th. The updated forecast for tomorrow (W) is now showing higher wind velocities than it did when I looked at it yesterday. Th's is not looking too bad, now. However, I'm still planning on going tomorrow at this point. Cloud cover looks good and solid for tomorrow, and not bad on Th. Th should be do-able, too.
    This is an open estuary that has little protection from the wind. I have alternate plans for paddling/fishing another tidal creek that offers more protection from the wind, but involves a shorter, easier paddle (barely a decent paddling workout), with less fishy water this early in the season.
    Not a cloud in the sky here this morning! Supposed to cloud up by this evening, though. Ocean surface temp here is back down to 51 - 52 F range, down from a high of 63 - 64 F just 3 weeks ago. That cold sea-surface temp has been causing a lot of fog on the ocean lately.

    Today some cutthroat flies are getting tied!
  3. Got a later start than I'd hoped for, so I just paddled into the lower reaches of a lesser tidal creek that empties into the estuary, instead of up the main stem. It was a spot where I just knew there'd be a cutthroat or two, but its not on the route I usually take up the major stream there.
    Was a good paddle, and I found some fish. I reported in Jesse C Fowle's thread on "trout skunk."

    I might go paddle another creek today. Lighter wind regime ends here starting after 1 pm or so today, so I'd better get packing! If I don't go for a paddle up a tidal creek, then I'll have no excuse for not going surfing later this morning. I just hate these tough dilemmas!
  4. You might have better look with those breeze, gust and gale forecasts if you quit throwing the W-Word around every other sentence. Just sayin'... ;)

    Need a link to a thesaurus? :D
  5. Ha! Actually, yesterday the heat-induced movement of the air mass remained fairly lite and held off longer than usual before it kicked up.
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