Painting aluminum boat

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Globetrouter1, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. I have a 79 klamath I want to paint. has anyone done this that can help? Whats the easiest and cheapest route? thanks!
  2. There's lots of high-tech and expensive ways to paint a boat, but you said easy and cheap.

    I've been buying and rebuilding old aluminum jonboats for about 40-years now. I just turn the boat upside down, clean it good and paint it with Rust-o-Leum enamel in Hunter Green. It last's over 5-years in my climate, then paint it again.

    I buy the paint at Lowe's...
  3. Totally agree with the choice of product; stuff is close to 'bullet proof' and very easy to apply. Just be careful lap out the 'brush marks' when you paint same.
  4. I painted my Gregor and think it looks pretty factory. It was bare aluminum to begin with so that probably helped. I used a self etching aluminum primer(important) in a spray can from Walmart, then coated with a flat green spray. It's held up though a rough season and still looks perfect.
    For some great information check out


  5. Josh, that self-etching aluminum primer is just the stuff I need before i paint some anti-skid paint on the "casting deck" of my john boat. Thanks!
  6. Whoooa, talk about coming back from the dead. Or more properly scrap heap.

    Well done Sir, will done.

  7. I will just add that before you spray any primer be sure to thoroughly sand the aluminum. The heavier grit the better. You're better off getting your teeth into the aluminum and sanding scratches out of one or two primer coats. Aluminum is VERY porous and it's easy to contaminate so preparation is key to along lasting finished product.
  8. Thanks guys for all the info. I will be finally painting the old beast this year. wish me luck
  9. Never got around to doing mine last year. Didn't hurt my boat's fishin' ability, though! I thought I had the ugliest boat on the water, but I ended up seeing one even uglier. Gotta remember to pick up a can of that primer!
  10. My son and I painted our old aluminum canoe years ago (about 83) in a camo pattern for duck hunting. That poor thing has taken the abuse as far as being dragged, etc, and the paint still looks halfway decent. Some silver shows through, but hey, 30 years. We just spray painted with the above, or it's equivalent. Bought it slightly used in 74 for $200, could sell today for a lot more, but why?

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