Pair O' Salish Sea-runs

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jack Devlin, May 21, 2013.

  1. Chewed up a flat-wing sand lance (not a candlefish).:)
    From an undisclosed location in the Salish Sea.;)
  2. Gorgeous fish! You sure love those flatwings, although I think the cutthroat may love them even more than you do!
  3. Awfully nice there Jack.

  4. Great looking cutt's Jack, but don't you think the Salish Sea might be a little too specific of a location?
    I'll bet somebody's on google maps looking for it right now. :)
  5. Damn, we've all been fishing the same secret spot!

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  6. Not only that, he actually shows the rocks he was standing on !
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  7. I used a "background" app.
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  8. Nice fish Jack, and nice build as well. What is the fighting butt made of? I haven't seen that style before.

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  9. Hi Steve,
    It is a wood turning. Helps keep reel away from bulky clothing and stand rod on ground while stringing up .
  10. Nice, unique addition Jack. I like it a lot, I have always added butts to all of my builds, for the main reason of keeping the reel off the ground. I didn't on my favorite build, a Sage SP+ 490, and I've always regretted it.

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  11. Steve, you may like this butt on my 7 weight.
    Jack DSC01492.jpeg DSC01491.jpeg
  12. Way to go Jack! Nice day on the Salish Sea!
  13. Sometimes we hit it right. Today I got skunked and humbled . It hurt.
  14. Nice Pics.

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