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  1. Although my trip next week is mostly to fish for peacock and other freshwater exotics I imagine I will want to get in some early AM casting practice on the beach.

    Will a stiff 6wt with a quality reel\drag handle this or do I need to bring a 7/8?
  2. In Hawaii in the early mornig, the wind will be light and a 6 wt is fine, most papio are around 14 inches. A fast retrieve works and covers ground. Try a surface slider.
  3. Sweet thanks, i have some sliders and poppers tied up in green\yellow\white I will give it a shot.
  4. Well I talked to the guide today and he said he has been getting large mouths in the 10lb range so I guess im taking some bigger rods anyway ;)
  5. Black flies too
  6. Back in the late 60's I used to catch Papio in Maunalua Bay near Koko Head, using light spinning gear, casting small white feathered jigs. I used to wade out in the flats and cast with a typical jig-twitching retrieve. Usually found a few small ones in the shallows not that far from the beach.
    I was using my old trout spinning rod. Just prior to moving to Oahu, trout season had ended and my fly rod had entered a period of "suspended animation" that would keep it entombed for 35 years.
  7. best colors are yellow/white. local bait fish "oama" small goatfish. papio and ulua love it.
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  8. saw you mention guide stated he was getting lg mouth in ten pound range? assume thats not in Hawaii. i am born n raised the state record is 9 and change so if thats Hawaii i would double check his scale and or story.......just saying.
  9. I dont argue with people over fish size, especially guides or on the interwebs. Just saying!

    Besides I had crap weather while i was there and the biggest one to the boat was maybe 4 lbs :(
  10. did u fish on oahu lake wilson or one of kauai ponds? I was just wondering about a guide that talks of fish that are larger then what the waters offer? just saying......hope he does not charge alot. a four to six lb lg mouth in hawaii is respectable........a ten pound is a life time trophy.
  11. The biggest fish I saw was in a Kauai private pond, I am sure some of them were hand fed to get to the size. The weather was really bad and it poured every night and was kind of cold so the fish were late getting on the beds so you could see them but they weren't aggressive and would leave if you tossed a fly at them. I saw some fish that for sure would go over 6 lbs but I didnt see anything I would say was Texas bass size.

    It didnt cost much but I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.
  12. I was born and raised on the north shore of Kauai in Kilauea. I have fished for lrg mouth and peacocks since the 70's. it usually rains every night on the north shore that's why it is so green there. We don't have florida strain bass in Hawaii I tried to bring some in in the early 80's and the state would not let us do it. If you could PM the name of the guide to me I would be vey curious if I know him or not. Lake Wilson is hot for bass and peacocks on Oahu.

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