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  1. I'm going to be in Park City for 3 days for a conference. May be able to fish the evening of June 21, most of the day June 22, and maybe a brief evening outing June 23. Looking online it looks like the Provo may be dropping into shape about that time. Anybody have recommendations for DIY spots? Any guide recommendations for Monday? Any casual dining recommendations? Thanks for the help.
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    Park here. You'll have to look at some aerial shots to locate this as there is no address. It's on the lower Provo and is upstream of the Orem/Provo area several miles. Walk down the trail to the railroad tracks and head downstream and keep fishing at any access. I've found that the Provo river fishes very well in stretches where you might usually pass over on other rivers. Use multi nymph rigs using small nymphs. I emphasize small again. That time of year I've had good success on really light colored (off white/tan) nymphs. No bead heads! Use other weight to get it down to the bottom. A lot of people knock on indicator fishing but for the most part that is the name of the game there, especially if you aren't familiar with the water.

    25+ fish on that stretch of water is not out of reach, but the fish won't cooperate everyday. 90% browns to 10% rainbow mix is common. Fish are of good size and a blast to catch. There will be college kids floating the river on tubes but you should still catch plenty.
  3. I could add my avatar pic was taken on the Provo river the end of June last year. My wife and I spent three days there and enjoyed some awesome fishing together. Almost every fish was that size, not huge but plenty big. We went to college in Provo and miss having that river so close by.
  4. so could you point out which rock he should stand on?
    btw, i've usually had some great dry fly fishing in early summer fishing small terrestrials, but i've never fished runoff conditions. i've enjoyed both the canyon an d middle provo. it used to be a great mid way break between durango and the henrys fork. i never lived in utah, so i cant remember which rock to stand on.
  5. I went down to Moab three weeks ago. Before leaving I did some research on moving water in Utah. The biggest problem is picking where to fish. There's a blue ribbon river around every corner. Check out this page - it lists the rivers and where to access the fishing. The Provo was running high when I was there, but it's probably nice now.
  6. Do yourself a favor and head to the Uintas on the day you have the most time to dedicate towards fishing. You cant beat the surroundings and lack of crowds. The Provo is a fun river but sees a ton of angling pressure from guides and other fisherman. However if the Green Drake hatch is on its a whole different ball game.
  7. Smith & Morehouse is a great stream with some public access. The Weber River above and below Rockport Reservoir is also fairly close to Park City and can provide some great trout fishing. Prince nymphs, Flashback PTs, Double Renegades, Hare's Ears, and small stonefly nymphs are all good bets. Keep an eye out for rotting logs over the river and look for ants. Dry ant patterns can be very productive as well. If you find any beaver ponds, you can also get yourself into a mess of brook trout....but keep an eye out for moose. I grew up fishing around that area. Give me a ring if you want more details. 360-609-1629.

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