Pass Lake or Squalicum Lake tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by scottybs, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Howdy,

    Back to the stomping grounds visiting family, plan on taking a pontoon out tomorrow, anyone have any reports on Pass or Squalicum?


  2. Pass lake has more and bigger fish.
  3. Roger,

    I haven't fished Squalicum in 12 years since I moved away, thanks!
  4. No problem, Squalicum is fun too but I prefer pass.
  5. Shoreline at Pass peaked 2-3 weeks ago but you'll still find plenty in there. They like to concentrate more this year than I've seen in the past so look a little harder, especially around hedges, and on any strike try and find more. Good tip - on retrieves from the bank pause before lifting to cast, then act like you're setting the hook when you lift...that's getting me several every time out lately. This weather should also help with less bashfulness in shallow. If that's a bust scrape the floor along the shoals, they'll be there. Mid morning and eve before dusk have been best. If I get time this eve I can PM with more specific stuff...enjoy!

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  6. I was just thinking "I wonder if Tim will chime in . . . .":)
  7. Tim,

    Thanks much, came back for my grandfather's funeral so I'm going to sneak out in his honor tomorrow!

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