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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by jimmyz, Mar 27, 2013.

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    i made my first trip of the year to pass lake. I caught 4 nice rainbows on blood worms but i did not have the right fly the fish where taking. most everyone left by four oclock and i knew that it was going to be a full moon i was ready i had rigged up four flash lights inside my boat so i can change flys if needed . AT 630 fish finally started to feed on the surface i put on my emerger pattern and cast to the rising trout i caught four rainbows. AT 745 the full moon was out and fish where every where i caught 5 more. i finally left at 845 and caught a nice brown trolling in towards the boat launch.
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    Sounds like you read the book :) Stayed late, worked the magic! Grats! Someday I will make it north to check out Pass.
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    What book did you read? Im new to lake fishing the fly so any advice on what to read will really help
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