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    This report is a few weeks old by now, but school kept me from putting it up any sooner. A buddy of mine and I hit pass over apron break and found some hungry fish. We were tossing meat towards the banks and stripping fast back. I finished the day with 3 browns and 3 bows All over 16" and my buddy finished with 2 of each. Olive and white has always produced for me out there.

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    Yes!!! Well done!
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    Nice job! You definitely did better than me on the browns. My last time out I popped around 32 but they were all bows. In fact in my last three trips I've landed nothing but bows, I'm something like 80 to 1 bows versus browns.
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    I've never done well on the browns with anything but streamers and casting to the bank. Winter spring or fall. I love December or January when it's a clear sunny day.
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    dddDang! Great photos too. Thanks
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    Great report and great pics. Gotta love the browns.