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  1. Just pulled it out of the smoker. Boneless beef short rib pastrami.
    P1020284.JPG P1020285.JPG
  2. wow, my mouth is watering.
  3. Gotta turned out damned good.
    Brined for 8 days, air dried in the fridge for 12 hrs., smoked over apple wood for 5 hrs.
  4. So what time is dinner... I've got saurekraut & beer...
  5. I loves me a pastrami sammich.
  6. That does look damn good, thanks for sharing.
    If you don't mind me asking, what did you add in your brine?
  7. The brine...

    1 gal. water
    3/4 C. kosher salt
    1/2 C. sugar
    2 tsp. pink salt (nitrite)
    5 cloves garlic
    4 Tbl. pickling spice
  8. Excellent, thank you!
  9. Lonnie, where did you find the pink salt? This looks like something I have to try!
  10. Can't remember the name of the place down in Seattle, but I can find it if you need/ want some.
  11. Thanks, Lonnie! I'll see if I can find it here, or on line. Never heard of pink salt before! If I'm unsuccessful, I'll PM you.
  12. I get mine at Williams Sonoma. Prague Powder #1 and Instacure #1 are popular as well. Many good butcher shops and cooking/kitchen store will carry curing salt. Widely available online as well.

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