Patagonia selling tenkara gear

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Lugan, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Patagonia is selling tenkara fishing gear:

    I like that company for its high quality and corporate ethos, but now we'll have hipsters crowding our streams around Seattle.
  2. I don't know what's worse hipsters or yuppies.
  3. There are nicer Tenkara rods to be had for a lot less. I don't know what's so yupster about it.
  4. Tenkara is a ancient form of simplistic fly fishing ,which like speyfishing is making a come back. What's old is now being rediscovered with modern technology.I have found it to be another form of entertainment in the realm of fly fishing.
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  5. Rural grundgesters are the worst.
  6. <troll> Yuppies and hipsters are annoying, but so are stubborn old men. <troll/>
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  7. Tenkara=A cane pole and a piece of string and a worm and a bobber. I fished that way when I was a little tyke.
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  8. Dude, do you know what a hipster actually is, or what defines a hipster? Go stand on Capital Hill and let me know if you see any hipsters (assuming you actually know what you're looking for) wearing Patagonia. Hint: The people you see wearing Patagonia are not hipsters.
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  9. Anyone every high stick nymph with those things?

  10. You're probably right that I no longer know what a hipster is. I lived on Capitol Hill for half a year in 1999 when I moved here and similar hip 'hoods in Chicago before that. Now I'm an old guy living in the 'burbs, and am probably clueless. i assumed some of the people I see with Patagonia down jackets and vests in Seattle are hipsters, but maybe I'm wrong.
  11. that has already been going on if ya didn't notice
  12. Thanks David, that helps. Made me think that I should just do an image search for "hipster":

    Looks like the males of that subspecies are a mix of what I used to call "metrosexual" and "granola dude". Is that about right?
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  13. Arguing over what a hipster is? That's a whole new level of something for WFF.

    In honor of the special occasion...

  14. Yeah, sorry Josh. Just trying to keep my knowledge on this important topic up to date. (Poor little kitty).

  15. I have to say "I guess." I never saw a hipster in Seattle as a child-young man, so I don't really know. We were more T-Shirts and Flannel.

  16. That cat is winning! How rich does a person have to be to get someone else to wipe their butthole?

    OK, kids and old people not included.
  17. AND, FWIW...I really like 40's music and 40-50's furniture. Maybe I am a closet hipster? In jeans and a flannel?
  18. Bobber maybe, but no worms involved!
  19. yvonne chouinard wrote an article about Tenkara fishing in a fly fishing magazine, and evidently likes it.

    so I suspect adding Tenkara to their product line is more the influence of the old founder than the young hipsters.


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