Peacock & Black

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Patagonguy, Apr 14, 2013.

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  2. nice tie, ive been doin well in stillwater with one just like that.
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  3. Very nice! That's a beauty! It reminds me that I need to tie some up very similar to that for my local lakes, which get hatches of black gnats. I think I only have a couple similar ones left in my box.
    I've found that a BH soft hackle like that will sink slowly, and stay in the zone with a slow hand-twist retrieve on regular mono tippet/leader and a floating line.
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  4. i have an almost identical pattern (minus the bead, different hook)
    that i swing for summer steelhead. basically my lazy mans bastardized steelhead coachman. probably someone out there using it for smallies
    too :eek:
  5. Leisenring's Black Gnat looks similar, though without the BH. I recently read an article about it on a blog called "Soft-Hackle Journal."
  6. Thanks guys! Yes, after fishing many years with the fantastic soft hackles in Patagonia (specially the Partridge Series) y finally added BH's to the flies. As McNasty said, to add a BH when you love to cast floating lines, is the best. See that the bead head is small, because (as we know) a soft hackle needs to work almost below the surface or at least on the first 2-3ft below. This black feather (hen) and the peacock-cooper wire combination is deadly in my area, specially when I cast in still waters close to the rushes and rocks. In that cases I wait 10-20seconds (depending on the depth) before the retrieve, and sometimes trout catch it during the sinking. I prefer to use fluorocarbon as tippet; a long section. Good fishing!
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  7. I have become a fan of the BH soft-hackle, too. I use them in lakes, but also for coastal cutthroat when I'm fishing with a floating line, and sometimes with a clear sinktip to get down deeper into the pools.
    I have some small silver beads that I am going to use in my attempt to copy your fly in the pic you posted.
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  8. I like it. I have tied the pattern in brown and peacock but not black and peacock. Works for me.
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  9. I sure hope they work. I just finished tying a dozen of the critters!
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  10. I use a similar pattern without the bead to great effect. Tied on a size 14 and 16 hook with starling hackle it is a great fly.
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  11. I am also using starling for the collar. I have no idea when or where I bought the feathers but they sure work well for tying soft hackles.
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  12. I was going to ask for the recipe for the fly and then I saw the title - peacock and black. Gotta learn to read everything.
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  13. I'm going to tie some with olive colored bodies... just for the heck of it.
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  14. Gene, I love tying with starling. Some of my favorite hackle for the wee wets.
  15. I hate the birds... I'm glad they're are useful for something.

    Medium colored olive soft hackles are quite effective in the stillwaters I fish. I decided to tie some of the patterns with a medium olive body. No clue if they'll work but it's worth a try.

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  16. what's the hackle
  17. sorry
    just re read the thread

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