Penninsula Steelhead

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by poulsbopaul, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. I have flyfished many a miserable cold days for trout in Montana, but am new to the steelhead scene. Can anyone offer any sage advice for someone looking to whet a fly for Oly Steelhead in these blown out river conditions. Where might a flyfisher person be able to wade? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. :COOK
  2. The Sol Duc River and many smaller creweks and rivers on the Peninsula are slow to blow-out and early to become fishable after they do blow out. I would suggest you meet up with Troy Dettman, at the Northwest Angler in downtown Poulsbo, he's really got the Peninsula dialed in and guides out there allot, and has for many years.Besides being a nice guy, he's a consummate pro.
  3. I like your name. A neighbor from Boston calls the place "Polishborough." It's raining biblically as I write. If it keeps up like this for 40 days and 40 nights, you'll need a big boat. Grab two of everything and start hittin' those paddles!
    Like Little Stone says, these rivers tend to clear up a bit faster than the east side. But then it rains much more over here so it's probably a push. The Callawah will most likely be the first to come in line :THUMBSUP
  4. LOL

    See, that's where I have the advantage. If rivers come close to blowing out, that's where I grab my baitcaster and rags and hit the rivers with a big gob of red eggs and scent. :DEVIL :THUMBSUP

    LOL Just had to tease. I always bring both setups with me. If I head that way (which westside OP is my favorites to fish since I was 7). Usually the rivers are very temperamental, so must fish them as they are. No such thing as blown (except actually flooding). Have caught nice fish out of Hoh and Duc on flood stages. But I digress, it was a baitcaster in hand, not the fly, that did the trick. Now, give it a couple days and water turns steelhead green again, out comes the bug rod.

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