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  1. Hello everyone. I have acquired two 1498's. One is a 1950 model, and the other is a 1970's DA model. Neither reel seems to have been used. I replaced a spring in one and added the One Pfoot drag plate to the older model to switch from RHW to LHW. After the switch, I noticed that there is a skip in the drag about every 8-10 clicks. This only happens when the drag is tightened. When loosened, it does not skip. Any idea why this might be happening?
  2. Only thing I can think of is an issue with the little spring loaded thingy. Maybe it sticks? Weak spring???
    PS There is another little spring loaded thingy under the plate. Maybe it is worn/spring weak??

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  3. Yeah, this is where I'm confused by the skip. I tried another spool with a tighter spring and came up with the same issue. It feels like it's in the drag plate area, but I can't figure out why it's skipping unless there's something going on under the plate. It's also puzzling that it doesn't do it when I loosen the drag. My other reel does not do this. I want to make this work because the older model is such a sweet reel! Thanks for the reply!
  4. Pull the plate and see what it looks like.
    Let us know what you find out. Curious.

    1498 great reel. Don't think I have ever seen the older 1498. I have the 70's version. Was repaired a long time ago by Pflueger when the drag burnt up on b i g fish. I occaisionally use it as a spey reel.

  5. I mis-typed...the older one is a 1965, not 1950. The 1950 is a 1495 I have. Not much difference anyway. I took the plate off and didn't see anything unusual. I even replaced the spring under the plate with a part from One Pfoot. The drag is very tight, but I'm stumped as to why it skips a beat every 10th click or so. Hmm. I'll keep tinkering...
  6. is the reel cage true? I have a reel that binds somewhat in one direction but much less in the other. I've been working on the bent part of the cage (and spool) to correct this.
  7. Most of my Medalists came already set of for left hand retrieve. I did convert a couple and there is slightly more to it than flipping over the drag plate. The following link is the first one I came across you will likely find many more with a little Goggling.

    The short answer is that I don’t know what your problem is but it could be related to the orientation of the paw because the bevel needs to be adjusted during the change from from Right to left (or back).

    Good luck,
  8. Great idea! I'll try positioning the pawl differently and see what happens.
  9. S.A.Martin,
    I hope you realize that the click sound is different on left hand retrieve and right hand retrieve. The detents on either side of the plate are different - spacing/quantity.
    I just took apart my 1492 to clean it up and I removed the plate to look. I also disassembled my 1498. Same thing - different detents/different sound/fewer clicks heard on one of the sides. Also, don't forget to turn the little spring-loaded post in the other direction.
  10. Hi Jack, I replaced the drag plate with a new One Pfoot model that allows for both RHW and LHW. It has the same clicks on both sides. I'm not sure why it would matter. I plan to try your idea of re-positioning the post. Perhaps it's in a bind or something and causing the skip. I'm going to tinker some more this weekend. Thanks again for the suggestions and advice!
  11. I just looked at my three medalists. The plates vary a bit. Even the screws are different - slotted/philips. Anyway, this is what the plate looks like on my 1498. I'm probably not helping you. I think Troutcreeks link showing the proper orientation of the little "pawl" is maybe the best solution?????
    Good luck. The one P foot plate must be nice.
    Jack IMG_1220.jpeg IMG_1219.jpeg

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