Pheasant Tail Parachute

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  1. PT Parachute WFF2.jpg

    Hook: Regular dry fly
    Thread: Black 8/0
    Tail, abdomen: Pheasant tail fibers
    Rib: 2 Peacock Green Krystal Flash strands, twisted
    Thorax: Peacock herl
    Post: Poly yarn, white
    Parachute: Brown hackle
  2. Dang! I can't believe I hadn't thought of that one before. What a great idea for a pattern, I love it and plan to tie up some of the suckers.! Pheasant tail fibers and peacock herl are always good additions to a fly pattern and work quite well together. It's a natural for a parachute pattern.
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  3. What GAT said. I'm always telling folks that Peacock Herl and PT fibers have magical trout attracting properties. Why didn't I think of this one.
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  4. Yes, guys I thought the same...a PT nymph is a killer everywhere. And I can say that this parachute PT is also one! Several things I prefer with parachutes...first, can stay in a correct position on the surface film (classic Catskill-style flies lose the vertical with a breeze) , second, more visibility (post), third, in my opinion the legs and antennae are imitated better, with horizontal hackles (check a mayfly from underwater) and fourth, can stay all-day long floating (it seems that the support of the horizontal hackle is higher than with classics). Just my experience and opinion, not a rule for everyone. Regards and good fishing!
  5. I have no doubt that this will be an attractive pattern for trout everywhere. In particular I like the idea of the twisted flash rib.

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  6. True dat! I have fished something similar. It really wants to sink so you might over-hackle a few of them and grease them up.
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  7. thats very nice, never though of that. think ill tie some up, and maby a few with a loopwing post and wire rib fished in the film. . .
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  8. I second what everyone has said. Now that you've shown us, it is such a simple idea. Thanks.
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  9. Up at Leech a couple weeks ago, the fish were feeding on the surface. I got no love until I found one of these deep down in my fly box. It had a foam post on it. Thought it made a good emerger pattern.

  10. In my experience they works best using gust 3 pt fibers for the abdomen. Use the lightest wire there is or mono for reinforcement. It makes a lighter but still very effective fly. If you like this pattern tie up some grhe as dries. Both "old" nymph patterns make great dries.
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